Three Key Reasons Why Doctors Need Medical Reiki

Three Key Reasons Why Doctors Need Medical Reiki, by Raven Keyes

(Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.)

There is much I share in my latest book, Medical Reiki: A Groundbreaking Approach to Using Energy Medicine for Challenging Treatments, about why a doctor's patient would want Medical Reiki as part of their treatment plan. My book explains the whys and wherefores of illness, and the powerful part Medical Reiki can play in the restoration of health.

Yet another element that needs to be understood is that modern medicine is an industry. There are rules and regulations that doctors must adhere to that are not explained to those with hearts of healers who come to devote themselves to the study of medicine until around the third year of their medical residency. The news of what is expected of them can be so shocking that in some cases, the budding doctor may drop out of their residency all together, or, now that they are possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, must somehow come to terms with this new information, in order to keep moving forward. And although it isn't often spoken about, in the midst of the inhumane workload placed upon medical residents, there are some who don't survive the shock at all, which is tragic beyond words.

Luckily, like a super-hero, Medical Reiki has come to save the day in more ways than one.

What IS Medical Reiki (M.R.)? It's the practice of Reiki in medical venues, like operating rooms and chemotherapy suites (to name just a few places), where it has been shown to be incredibly powerful for both patients and doctors alike. Reiki is a generic Japanese word that means, "the energy that is in everything." In spiritual teachings, it is often stated that we are all One. When it comes to Reiki, that statement is not just a glorified way of describing something we aspire to live by, like being kind to others, or any other action we might be required to take in order to fulfill spiritual duties. Medical Reiki is not a duty or an aspiration; it's a physical reality of delivering the One source energy in the Universe into medical venues. And the word Reiki is just another way of saying we are all manifestations of e=mc2.

Certified Medical Reiki Masters (CMRMs) are trained in how to bring Spirit into medical venues, like into the hard-core reality of an operating room. CMRMs know how to function as part of a surgical team, and to bring comfort into birthing rooms, hospice suites, children's cancer wards, and more. The practice of Medical Reiki is one of functioning as a "hollow bone" in order to be the delivery system of unconditional love, which is the spiritual energy medicine that knows exactly what to do when it flows into any living thing. In truth, by simply placing our hands either gently on a body, or just above it, because of the Medical Reiki Training, CMRMs are able to deliver source intelligence that reminds the cells of their own perfection.

M.R. stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system to restore balance, because Reiki is the balanced consciousness of the Universe. Mikao Usui said it best when he proclaimed, "I am in the Universe, and the Universe is in me."

Another name for Reiki that some people use is the word God. Not everyone shares in the same belief systems; for those who do not resonate with that word, I was once taught by a Buddhist that the word "God" was originally an acronym that meant, Geometric Order of Divinity. In terms of Reiki, that definition is more fitting; Reiki is non-religious, yet totally spiritual, and definitely Divine.

Medical Reiki Benefit Number One for Doctors:
The receptive state created when the "rest and restore" chemicals released by the parasympathetic nervous system allow for the natural self-healing of their patients to be activated. This means the medical treatments and/or surgeries the doctor is administering work much more effectively.

Moving on to the Number Two benefit, in a system in which doctors and surgeons must abide by rules and regulations that in many ways tie their hands as healers, it's important that Medical Reiki be used as a complement to allopathic medicine in order to connect our doctors and surgeons to the roots of healing established by our ancestors. Albert Einstein once wrote, "The ancients knew something which we seem to have forgotten. All means prove but a blunt instrument, if they do not have a living spirit behind them."

Originally, healing was performed by individuals who saw those who were suffering as being out of balance with nature and knew the ways in which to activate the living powers of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth by speaking to plants and trees to discover their healing gifts, and how these gifts should be used in individual treatment plans. Although as Medical Reiki Masters we do not focus on things like plant medicine or activating the elements per se, the angels have pointed out that the divine energy of Medical Reiki makes translations happen in medications so that they work best for doctors' patients. To clarify that statement, every plant does not work on every individual, and many pharmaceuticals are based on plants. What the angels have told me is that even if the plants used in a pharmaceutical are NOT the ones that would normally work well on a particular individual, Medical Reiki somehow creates a translation so that the plant medicine will match the needs of the cells. In practice, we have seen that those receiving chemotherapy have much fewer side effects when Medical Reiki is shared during treatment. We are hoping to one day do a large research project to scientifically prove the proclamation of the angels.

Science must come together with spirituality for the sake of humankind in order to return our medical reality to one of "Living Spirit," as mentioned by Einstein. We rejoice in this!

Benefit Number Two for Doctors:
By adding the spiritual component of Medical Reiki, pharmaceuticals are translated to work with the cells of patients to create healing.

Benefit Number Three:
The third key benefit of Medical Reiki for doctors is focused on the healing of the doctors themselves. Once again connecting to the "Living Spirit" Einstein mentioned, I would like to point out that having Medical Reiki in the operating room lends itself to transforming the operating theater into a healing temple. In Egypt in the times of the Pharaohs, those who were ill would go to a temple dedicated to the Goddess Isis, where the afflicted would be treated by Priestesses and Priests skilled in healing techniques and in the use of sacred prayers. If the treatments failed to bring the patient to full recovery, the patient was allowed to sleep overnight in the temple to receive a healing directly from the Goddess Isis herself.

What we have noticed is that when Medical Reiki is in the operating room, there is a calm and sacred Presence in which everyone working on that surgery has a very different experience while the patient is asleep on the operating table. As Dr. Feldman writes in the Foreword to my book, Medical Reiki, "Raven's presence in the O.R. elevates the whole experience for the entire surgical team. In what can often be a busy and structured reality in which we all have our very intense and specific jobs to do, Raven reminds us why we are really there—first and foremost as healers." This remembering back to the roots of one's impulse to serve humankind as a doctor is in and of itself a great healing for those committed to this difficult work. And to know their patient is being flooded with spiritual energy medicine that will bring the best results to all their efforts is comforting to a doctor.

The importance of a doctor's comfort and well-being in the world of medicine cannot be underestimated. We need our doctors and surgeons to be healthy in body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Although taught in medical schools to keep a distance emotionally from patients, doctors are first and foremost hardwired to be human. Because their humanity brought them into medicine in the first place, it becomes extremely difficult over time to escape the effects of secondary trauma and burnout. For a doctor or a surgeon to know that Medical Reiki is bringing an element of healing to patients that is not part of their conventional medical training, it can help them to cope.

Surgeons suffer when they lose a patient on the operating table. If a CMRM is present, that situation can become a much different emotional event for the lead surgeon, all the attending surgeons, and the entire surgical team, due to the Presence of spiritual energy and of the angels who have been assisting throughout the surgery. When and if appropriate, a CMRM can lift a surgeon's heart by telling them exactly what happened when their patient transitioned, what the angels have conveyed about it, and why it was necessary for that patient to leave life on earth at that exact moment. In other words, the presence of a CMRM can eliminate the feelings of "failure" from the surgeon’s heart and alleviate future suffering from that event.

Yet when the doctors are able to receive Medical Reiki treatments themselves in even brief personal sessions, the secondary trauma and burnout can come to the surface to be released, assuring that they will be able to continue in their chosen fields of medicine. This fact has been proven by CMRMs who have given sessions to doctors, as revealed in my book, Medical Reiki.


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