The Twelve Astrological Signs: Ambassadors of Transformation

An Excerpt from Sun Sign Karma by Bernie Ashman

The sign of the zodiac on the day of birth is known as our Sun sign, and it gives each of us unique personalities. Each sign guides us in its own way to make choices that steer us away from karmic patterns that can interfere with our personal road to fulfillment. There is the light of transformation in the framework of each of the astrological signs.

If you were born into the fire sign Aries tribe, you possess a natural expression for displaying fast actions and often can be a risk- taker. Patience and focus come as you gain greater insight into your most important goals. When you channel your inner restlessness productively, life is a happier experience. Your trail-blazing spirit can give you the inner strength to stare down any karmic pattern obstruction in your path.

If you were born into the earth sign Taurus tribe, you are attracted to life experiences that have a stabilizing effect. You likely have a tendency to move carefully with a sense of purpose. You resist change if it is not on your own terms. Your way of staying focused empowers you with a rugged determination to push through any karmic pattern.

If you were born into the air sign Gemini tribe, the universe has given you immense communication power accompanied by a strong mental nature. You are at your best when having multiple life paths to pursue. Your curiosity about a wide variety of subjects keeps your mind stimulated. Your ability to decipher ways to integrate karmic patterns into your life makes for a happier journey.

If you were born into the water sign Cancer tribe, you likely operate with a deep emotional nature. You have a tendency to move cautiously but with an underlying strategy to achieve goals. Finding the right home is highly valued. You are probably very particular about which people you will allow to get close to you. Your powerful intuition can guide you to successfully navigate through karmic patterns.

If you were born into the fire sign Leo tribe, you have a lion-like dramatic self-expression. Your charismatic personality can make you the center of attention. An ability to convince others of your ideas is what often leads to making your dreams come true. It is your willpower that gives you the opportunity to work your way through karmic patterns.

If you were born into the earth sign Virgo tribe, you are gifted with learning skills that bring you new opportunities. People likely perceive you as being analytical and hardworking. Realizing that perfection can be the enemy of the good keeps you happier. It is your tenacity at problem-solving that helps you figure out how to rise above karmic patterns.

If you were born into the air sign Libra tribe, you are likely partnership-oriented. It is not that you can’t be independent but more that you desire to share your life with others. A mental and emotional balance is highly valued. You get clear vision of the past, present, and future when you take the time to recharge your mental batteries. Your drive to seek a sense of inner peace is often the motivation to conquer karmic patterns.

If you were born into the water sign Scorpio tribe, you have a natural tendency to express yourself with deep emotions and passion. Your loyalty to people wins their love and friendship. When you are able to trust your intuition, life seems more user friendly. Your survival instincts are strong, allowing you to overcome obstacles in the path of your goals. It is your determination to experience a true sense of personal power that allows you to not let karmic pat- terns keep you from finding authentic happiness and fulfillment.

If you were born into the fire sign Sagittarius tribe, you were given an inspiring spirit that thrives on seeking adventure. It is your optimism that is the road to new opportunity. People probably perceive you as lucky, and you might wonder why others don’t have such good fortune as often as you do. When you develop a broad life philosophy, the universe rewards you with new stimulating experiences. It is your never-ending positive thinking that prepares you to successfully turn karmic patterns into energies of hope for a brighter today and tomorrow.

If you were born into the earth sign Capricorn tribe, chances are you have a serious demeanor with a strong focusing ability. Ambition colors your thoughts. You have a tendency to be serious about commitments. Your follow-through on a job has no sign rival. You attract responsibility, so you do need to be careful about how much work you accept. You like people you can count on when you need support. Your inner strength magnifies when you trust your ability to succeed. It is your determination to face the reality of karmic patterns when they arise that truly empowers you.

If you were born into the air sign Aquarius tribe, you are an individualist with unique insights. You likely live for the future as the present does sometimes bore you. Your mind tends to enjoy people with new ideas. You probably have a wide variety of friends. Romantic partners are likely friends as well as lovers. Some people see you as aloof, but you like to think of this as remaining objective. Your mental side probably outweighs your emotional expression. It is your unique way to see outside of the box that guides you to learn from karmic pattern energy and put it to creative use.

If you were born into the water sign Pisces tribe, you have a vivid, dreamy imagination that is moved to act on ideals. Some people could perceive you as passive, but you view this as your way of processing your thoughts. You are a romantic with strong feelings. Your inner being can be a poet and artist. Reality is not always what drives you toward success. You are more likely following an inwardly inspired path. You can fall in love with the ideals of a lover. It is your willingness to learn from the past that allows you to treat karmic patterns as teachers gifting you new wisdom.

Each sign has a unique way to inspire us to rise above karmic shadows. Sometimes the lighted path to a sense of rebirth is closer than you think. You will read in the sign chapters in Sun Sign Karma the keys to rising above karmic challenges.

In acupuncture and massage there are pressure points in our body that can be worked on to release bottled-up energies causing discomfort. In a similar way our signs can be tuned and used as a way to release us from the hold of karmic patterns. Each sign contains a magical formula to guide you to let go of shadowy karmic baggage that will lighten your load as you walk your journey through life and find greater relationship fulfillment.

Don’t ever underestimate the transformative power of each astrological sign. The universe works in magical ways through your own sign and the other eleven. Any karmic pattern corresponding to an astrological sign can be lifted out of a negative hold from past incarnations into the radiant light with a refreshed clarity in this life.

BERNIE ASHMAN (Durham, NC) is a highly respected professional astrologer who has been studying, practicing, and teaching for over thirty-five years. He is the author of several books and has contributed to the astrology magazines Dell Horoscope, Astro Signs, The Mountain Astrologer, and Welcome to Planet Earth. Bernie also gives personal readings, conducts lectures, and contributes to astrology software programs. For more visit

Excerpt from Sun Sign Karma by Bernie Ashman © 2021 by Bernie Ashman. Used by permission from Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd.