The Magic of Universal Timing

by Amy Seward

Have you ever really wanted something to happen in your life for so long and so strongly - like a proposal from your boyfriend or to purchase a home - but you feel like it will never happen? Have ever you thought to consider that maybe the universe is throwing up blocks on these goals because it is not the right time? If you think about the goal as a puzzle, you can see that the full picture cannot evolve until all of the pieces are in place. But when the divine timing is right, you will be amazed at how perfectly and easily these pieces fall into place!

Spending your energy on trying to control the process can become exhausting. You may wonder when you will ever be on the other side of this goal, and it is human nature to visualize your end result, which is a good way to continue the manifestations. But, be sure not to become obsessive with or rush the process against what the universe is telling you. Slowing down and handing over control to the universe can actually help your manifestation efforts. This not only will make you more attractive in an energy sense, but may enable something to appear that’s even more rewarding than what you were hoping to manifest!

When you feel blocked from your goal, take time to focus on another goal, one where the universe is guiding you on a smooth path of manifestation. Be patient, have faith, you will know you are on the right tract when the process flows easily and you are receiving a lot of “yes” messages around your goal.

As we grow and evolve, we actually resolve a lot of the blocks keeping us from our bigger goals. Every person you meet, every choice you make will guide you along your path and these moments are to be cherished as well. Often you will realize you would never have accomplished where you are today if not for the blocks in your life that taught and guided you to a better place, which ultimately created amazing moments in your life.

We cannot be in control of what the universe has in store for us, but if you fully accept that the journey you are on right now is just as important as the destination, you’ll know that you’re on the right path. Relax, meditate, let the universe take over and you will find you are much more receptive to the gifts coming your way. Do not worry about how long things will take, trust that it will all happen perfectly and according to the plan for your highest good. In doing so, you will be amazed at how many more opportunities seem to fall upon you. And as you practice to let go more and listen to the universe your understanding deepens, life becomes easier and more fulfilling when we trust the universe and let things happen instead of pushing ourselves to make things happen. It’s actually quite magical!

Amy Seward is a Psychic Medium, Astrologer and Tarot reader with over 20 years experience. Her keen ability to tune into your problems and provide stellar guidance is unparalleled. Visit her link to get your first reading with Amy free! Free Reading with Amy