The Gifts Behind Names: Chaldean Numerology Unwraps the Mystery

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The Gifts Behind Names: Chaldean Numerology Unwraps the Mystery, by Heather Alicia Lagan

(Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.)

Chaldean numerology has traveled a rather bumpy road since its birth in ancient Mesopotamia thousands of years ago. In later years, for a variety of reasons, people needed a simpler system to work with—and thus, Chaldean suffered an NDE (metaphorically speaking, of course). While most thought the subject dead, a group of low-key scholars kept it on life support for another few thousand years, during which time it was carefully studied and passed down to further caretakers. Only recently has it begun its long-awaited rebirth into the land of the living...and the interest in this mystical oracle keeps growing, undoubtedly because it has proven itself to be the most accurate, inspiring, enlightening, challenging and rewarding alpha-numerology system in existence.

Chaldean numerology surpasses others in that its birth was based on sound and symbol connections—not only does it consider the numeric vibrations in a name, it affords equal attention to the meanings of the characters each name is composed of. Nevertheless, it was still the most difficult of all systems to wrap a brain around—so could this complex system be simplified to the point that everyone could use it and understand how to invite the most satisfaction, success and spiritual enlightenment into their lives?

Good question, right? One I pondered long and hard...and then put the system to work over a period of twenty years. Along the way, I kept notes—reams of them—and then simplified it so that exactly that could happen: everyone could understand it. Here is just a sample of what Chaldean numerology can reveal once you know the language, so to speak. What follows is a respectful look at one name and is intended only as an introductory to the mysterious world of Chaldean alpha-numerology.

I know you all recognize the name Llewellyn. This company name has remained the same for over 110 years, and its letter and number contents speak to its outside image, interior activities, character, strengths, and the pattern created by the energetic cycle it passes though every 34 years (which is the total number of all letters in this name unit: i.e L=3, E=5, etc.) and its overall essence, which is the enigmatic but brilliant brain-ruled number 7 (which we will have a quick look at later).

The most prominent letters in this name are the (very rare) opening double L (ruled by 3) factors and the identical (extremely rare) double L energies repeated later. The L is helpful: it is the Helping Hand...its original meaning connected to ancient cattle prods whose goal was to promote progress by offering gentle tail-lifts to striking cattle. While the first L serves as the Cornerstone (the first letter of any given word), the second L intensifies these attributes and can thereby also create conflict, because we all know that too much of a good thing can wind up being...well, too much of a good thing. As mentioned, this pattern is repeated later in the name unit which then presents two separate and subtle Master 33 energies (33 equals the Healer of the Masses—quite appropriate when considering the goal of this Company as reflected in their Vision Statement: To be the world's leading supplier of works for personal growth and the transformation of body, mind, and spirit).

These L vibrations are ruled by the 3, which represents constant activity of both the brain and the body (interior functioning of the Company), with the ultimate goal being the amalgamation of the body, mind, and spirit into a product. The aforementioned conflict may arise when the Company is inundated with manuscripts, ideas, and other projects; while Llewellyn would truly love to be able to publish them all, this is simply not a viable option. That is where the additional theme of the Master 33 comes in: sacrifice. Here, it would be around which topics and authors are short-listed and which are regretfully laid aside. The repetition later in the name indicates that this is a recurring or cyclical event...and it can definitely cause conflict when a few editors knock heads over any particular book.

The second most prominent letter is the E, which appears twice, but in different placements. The first one exaggerates the double L characters, and since the E is the most enthusiastic, enduring, evolving, and sometimes excessive energy, it indicates periods of time when the incoming projects can be overwhelming, while the second placement takes Llewellyn into the second set of double L energies. Both symbols speaks to freedom. Freedom of speech, freedom of choice, and freedom of thought—in a word, independence, which is exactly what Llewellyn is—one of the largest and oldest independent publishing houses in modern history.

Further, the E talks about constant change...which each season of publication would definitely bring. There is much more to the E than can be shared here, but suffice it to say that this is the most powerful, progressive, and potent letter—it is sheer energy—and heavy doses can be a bit like receiving a needle of adrenaline straight to the heart of the matter. It gets things moving: the mind engages, the body activates, and the spirit soars...both E values in Llewellyn supply continual, electrically-charged sustenance to the core of this Company.

The 5 this letter is ruled by is very similar in meaning: it is freedom, communication, changes, independence, travel...and as such, might create absolute chaos within the Company but for the saving grace of its center placement in the traditional number scale of 1-10. Imagine sitting in the centerpoint of a teeter-totter while it is in motion; this is the nature of the 5: it keeps and maintains balance even through the highs and lows—or the most trying and challenging of times. (Including the N, there are three 5 values in this name, which is highly fortuitous in terms of balance.) Also worthy of note is that this is the only number to which fame is attached...and these same 3 indicators speak to the fame this Company has achieved while also providing the springboard for successful authors who have been published through this house.

The center of this name revolves around the W, which is symbolic of the highs and lows of a roller coaster in that the high points of the letter itself are separated by the low valleys in between. This letter is reaching up, striving for spiritual guidance and is not one to give up; it is a warm and welcoming vibration that is backed by the emotional and loving 6. This combination presents a wide and wondrous way of looking at things and is among the most loyal of energies. When one looks at the word WE as found in Llewellyn, the suggestion of an all-encompassing group speaks volumes; this incorporates the Company and the writers and the readers, everyone who is intrinsic in achieving the common goal: to share information, healing tools, helpful advice, old and new knowledge, and anything else that can assist in the development of mankind. There is, after all, a very deep and unplumbed WELL of knowledge. This last word can also be used when connected to the spiritual state of all: We (are) Well. Or that is our aim. To be connected and to be spiritually healthy.

Every thirty-four years or so, Llewellyn will hit the fork in the road: the Y. This is a choice imposed or a choice made that has the potential to completely alter the direction of the Company, and while this Y often carries an overall message that impacts the name energy on a constant basis, it also can highlight one year periods when pronounced shifts take place. For example, during the late 1960s, an unexpected resurgence of interest in the metaphysical forever changed the path of the Company. In 1969, the year of the Y, new directions were taken, new clients discovered, and new life injected into the Company. Llewellyn's path changed, dramatically and forever.

This letter is ruled by number 1: the beginner, the starter, the initiator, and the pioneer, which supports the consequences of choosing either road: it will be a new beginning. A different angle of this Y cycle (which lasts 1 year) came soon after the original purchase of the Company (1901), when Llewellyn George published the first year-long Moon Sign Book, which has been published every year since 1905. The Y indicates the option of taking the road well-traveled versus the road barely visible, and it is obvious that Llewellyn chose to take the road less traveled and in doing so, paved the way for others to follow.

The final letter energy is the N, which is, as mentioned, also ruled by 5. Long ago, this symbol was connected to the fish, which represented nourishment for the body and the soul—which is pretty darn close to the ideal description of this Company and the service it provides. Another aspect of this final positioning is also ideal; the N is seen as an energy filter: that which comes through this filter is mellowed and transformed into softer vibes. It throws a normal and neutral blanket over the entire picture.

So this brief run-through of the highly-respected energy that is Llewellyn should give you an idea of how this process works, although it is much more involved when assigned to Name and Lifepath analysis for a person.

And I would be remiss if I did not elaborate on the 7 this name is ruled by (this is the total sum, after reduction, of the entire name). But first, a quick observation: the four L energies are upside down versions of the 7. The W also holds two slightly quirky 7 energies within its structure, as does the N. Interesting?

The 7 is the number of the brain, and its lesson is to incorporate both sides of the brain into one powerful unit. One type of the 7 lives in the lab of the Scientist and represents logic, facts and figures, scientific data, controlled progression, practicality, and non-emotive exteriors, while the other lives in the land of the Metaphysician: anything esoteric, mystical, paranormal, thought-provoking, artistic, and spiritual appeals to them and can even become their life’s work. Consider the two sides below.

  1. The name Llewellyn houses a group of thinking energies that are focused in the logic and practicality of good choices versus bad ones. Thinking ahead, planning, calculating, considering, and then reaching decisions and instigating production. All involve the logical and most effective use of data accessed through the scientific side of the brain; no emotion, just the facts please. This is a realistic place to be.
  2. The name Llewellyn also houses a group of thinking energies that produce metaphysical and spiritual products that are all about hope and faith. Learning to accept, heal, renew, and to love the self and others. All involve the metaphysical and the purest of spiritual or occult categories for those seeking answers that lie beyond science, and the intuition plays a key role. This is magickal place to be.

Llewellyn is both: it is the ideal blend of the Scientist with the Metaphysician, which is the goal of the 7. That said, this is a rarity: a sparkling gem in the land of spiritual knowledge and education. It is truly unusual to find a balanced 7, and how perfectly appropriate it is for this Company and its activities.

And it is the publisher of my first book (Chaldean Numerology for Beginners: How Your Name and Birthday Reveals Your True Nature and Life Path), to boot. I am very fortunate and blessed. As are we all.

Heather Lagan

Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal. Copyright Llewellyn Worldwide, 2011. All rights reserved.