Taurus and the Garden Cross

Taurus by Dominique Jones

One of the most reliable methods to align ourselves with a high spiritual vibration is through the energy of appreciation. Nature’s treasures sustain us and surround us daily, providing a deep and grounding energy, and if we meditate on their beauty, we find our hearts and spirits expanding in nurturing and fulfilling ways.

One of the ways to grow during our journeys is to recognize the relationship between astrology and nourishment. You will find a correlation between a sign and a food in this article and methods you can use to attune your energy.

Taurus is the first fixed sign in the zodiac, introducing us to the archetype of Venus. Venus can attract and Taureans can concentrate. With concentrated attraction, get ready to RECEIVE.

Think about a reception for a moment. All the guests come to the host; the host waits and is appreciative and gracious. The host honors and prepares for the guests, but the host is the center of attention. Guests toast the host. In a receiving line, guests love the handshake or hug they receive from the host. At a reception—all the guests love to dance with the host.

Wherever Taurus shows up in a person’s life, the spirits and angels and all the beings in creation are like guests at their party—they want that chance to dance with them and to adore them for a while. They wish to congratulate them for the preparation their soul made in that area prior to incarnating. Now they are enjoying the reception/party. All the person needs to do is ask and it is theirs.

Like a bride at a wedding, it is Taurus’s day! All of their life!

That is the Venusian charm and that is where a Taurus can easily get things backwards when they become inculcated by society’s messages. In today’s world, the message is often that effort leads to reward. So often, for Taurus, this is not the case.

Very much intellectual effort will quickly become frustrating. They need to learn about their emotional states of being so they can attract the conditions they wish to have appear before them. They need to use their brains for imagination and vision, and their bodies for truth-telling. A Taurus can tell if a situation is honest by how they feel in their physical gut.

This is a process during a person’s lifetime. Inevitably, fear can be overcome by choosing love. Greed can be overcome by choosing appreciation. Selfishness can be overcome by choosing unity. If given proper opportunities and support, you will encounter Taureans as some of the strongest and most faithful, kind people in the universe. You’ll be lucky to know them!

They also need to lose their ego-minds. It is an interesting paradox that the Venus attraction and charm do not work through ego or through a mask of “looking good.” It’s a deeply spiritual pursuit for the Taurus who has gone beyond their fear and ego into their attraction capabilities.

So it does not matter how a Taurean looks because, as long as they are happy, they look good to us!

If you are interested in bringing forth more Taurean energy in your life, you can use two methods. The first method is through nourishment and the second method is through a guided meditation. If you combine the two, you have even more manifestation energy.

You can manifest Taurus energy if you want to increase your ability in any or all of the following areas of your life:

  • Compassion / Relationship Skills
  • Perseverance / Improvements at Work
  • Divine Feminine
  • Strength
  • Artistic Abilities (Especially Music)
  • Garden Subjects
  • Trustworthiness
  • Stability / Security / Groundedness
  • Finances

Method 1: Nourishment

For many reasons, the cruciferous vegetables are the representative vegetables of Taurus. One of the most obvious reasons is that the astrological glyph for Venus contains a cross in its bottom half, and all cruciferous vegetables grow with a cross shape at their bottom. That is one of the elements defining them as cruciferous, or cross-shaped.

Cruciferous foods include cabbage, broccoli, kale, cauliflower, and brussel sprouts. All have an exquisitely bitter taste to the tongue. They are some of the most nutritiously dense foods. They help with cancer prevention, keep digestion healthy (including healing stomach ulcers), reduce inflammation, and provide cardiovascular support.

These foods provide high amounts of fiber, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Folate, and the B-Vitamins. Eating 4 or more servings per week of cruciferous vegetables is highly recommended for keeping your body stable and strong.

Each of these vegetables can be prepared by lightly steaming them for about seven minutes on the stove. The next best way of preparing them is to sauté them with some oil or butter. Microwaving them is not great because after two minutes in the microwave, studies have shown their anti-cancer components are destroyed. It’s best not to cook the bitter taste out of them for the same reason. It’s also good to cook them in soups and retain the liquid you cooked them in, as then the broth contains many of the nutrients that may have been simmered out of the vegetables.

Method 2: Guided Meditation

This guided meditation is full of images and thoughts that are very grounding. You can use the following guided meditation in a few ways. The first is to read it silently, slowly to yourself, letting the images wash over your imagination. The second is to visit online and listen to my recordings and let yourself take a few minutes during your day for yourself, close your eyes, and be led in a mediation that is nourishing and deeply relaxing.

Red/Purple Cabbage Guided Meditation

It is late Spring, and you are ready. You can feel how you have prepared on all sides to become the strong and capable loving creature that spirit intends for you to be. There is no other like you—you are one of a kind yet you are unified with everything through the thick stem of your plant.

Receive. You know you have layers and layers of support. Receive the nurturing and the nutrients that life is pouring into you. Receive from the ground and soil. Receive light from the sun. Receive moisture from the rain.

Build. Build your tight bud layer by layer into a purple glow in the middle of the luscious plant that grows in an honored place in the garden. Build your cruciferous purple cabbage head into the center fruit of the plant during the month of May. Your beauty amazes the garden.

Know. Know the secrets of living secure as you do. The secrets all cruciferous plants know and convey to the humans and other creatures who eat them. You prepare to partner with us as you grow, knowing yourself to hold the deepest value.

Within the special nutrition you carry, you prevent cancer, you lower inflammation, you lower cholesterol, you condense a stunning array of vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants that mammals can process. You will live long after your sacrifice, changing forms many times as part of another’s body and spirit. Then they will change forms, even perish, and your essence will change forms with them. Parts of you will be eliminated from them and pass into the soil to nourish other plants. The cycle of life will always include you.

Also, your child seed could be directly planted again. You will have a direct lineage that lives on through generations to delight the gardens where they are planted. The very thought makes you smile and your stem opens to the sky as you breath in the future.

The cruciferous spirit lives long and well, its magic is fixed into form densely as its cells grow. So Know. Know that you are becoming more than you appear in the moment.

Gather. Gather from the micronutrients in the soil all that you are able in this moment. It is your destiny, your special capability. To gather together and sweep into your purple spiral such beauty that it makes the world ache.

Consider the spiral. You are a manifestation of the spiral, such a sacred shape. Anyone who stops to observe will know your deep magic when they see the spiral in you. There are spirals all around you.

Like Venus on her shell, you ascend in a spiral. Around and around you grow. You know the spiral as the way to receive and move the world.

Consider the cross on top of the stem underneath you. It is effortless strength. It holds you in place against the Spring winds. It curves around the globe of the growing spiral and becomes a complementary element in your growth.

You’re so strong in the combination of these two elements—spiral and cross. And yet you are as tender and loving and appreciative as any flower in the world. You appreciate the magnitude of your strength and abilities as you grow into yourself.

All your dreams come true for you as your season blossoms. You have always experienced the support you need. You know you will persist, even if your form changes. Your fruit has grown magnificent purple. The green leaves that surround you seem to open into a fortune of layers. The sun always shines on you. The rains keep your thirst quenched. The soil lives to keep you happy.

Rest in a spiral of deepest wish fulfillment on top of the cross base. You have everything you have ever wanted. You appreciate it. Life comes to you and falls at your feet because that is just the natural order of things. Finally, in the spiral on the cross, you understand how unreservedly life gives her gifts.

Dominique Jones is an internationally known astrologer, psychic, and writer. She is the author of the upcoming book “Nourishing Astrology,” a compendium of correlations between astrological elements and foods, along with recipes for manifesting astrological energies. As a professional metaphysical consultant at Kajama, you can visit her for readings and more at www.intuitivemoon.com.