Sweet Spiritual Visitations

by Amy Seward

Dreaming is one of the best ways for the subconscious mind to reveal messages to you. When awake we receive messages from our senses, but when dreaming, messages from beyond can be relayed to you. By resting our conscious mind, our subconscious doesn't need to battle for your attention, so dreams can play out like a movie in your mind and relay messages in the form of symbols, story lines or my favorite, past loved ones coming for a visit.

When in dream mode, our emotional side is not challenged by logic, making it easy for our subconscious to come through. During this time, it is the best way for departed loved ones to be able visit. So, how do you know if you are just dreaming of a departed loved one, or experiencing an actual visitation? A spirit visit is different from a dream for many reasons.

Dreams will be prevalent when you first wake up, but will quickly fade from your memory. A visitation is an actual visit from spirit. It may feel like a dream, but you will remember it more vividly and you will be able to play it back detail by detail, and feel the emotions within it for year to come.

After my mother passed, she came visit me a few months later. I can still see the pantsuit she was wearing, her hairstyle, how young she looked, and feel her energy. She simply walked past me and went outside the pecan tree in the back yard and faded into the light. No words were spoken, but the message was comforting. I woke up crying, full on tears and sobbing with mixed emotions of missing her and joy being with her for that brief moment in time.

During another visitation, I felt that I had fallen down and was up against a wall. I felt someone picking me up and placing me on my feet. It was my mom. In a fleeting moment she was gone. This dream came during a very dark time in my life and it was not hard to see the message she was bringing me. Basically, get back on your feet!

As we approach the holidays, loved ones memories are strong and they seem to make more visitations. Choose one night per week and ask for a visit that night. Let your loved one in spirit know by extending an invitation in your mind and speak it out loud to your loved one, as it helps to increase the energy between you.

When the appointed day comes, send out lots of thoughts of love and gratitude for that person during the day. That night, light a candle and meditate, then place the plain glass or bowl of water on your nightstand, next to a picture of your loved one and, a personal item of theirs.

Once you receive a spiritual visitation, embrace it knowing that your loved one is with you and watching over you. So instead of sweet dreams, I wish you Sweet Spirit Visitations!

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