Sun Signs and Karmic Patterns

An Excerpt from Sun Sign Karma by Bernie Ashman

Each of us comes into this life with memories from past lives, many of them hidden on an unconscious level. As we proceed on our journey, various life encounters activate these memories. It is true that we can make use of past-life talents. We may have a past-life memory bank full of positive skills we learned in past lives that can be tapped into, aiding us in maintaining balanced relationships in this incarnation. There are some past-life themes that can impede our growth and paths to greater fulfillment. A major focus of this book is to identify those past-life-relating patterns that correspond to each astrological sign. These energies don’t have to play a big role in our lives. The sign chapters in this book offer the keys to a roadmap that will unlock the paths to go beyond the pull of past- life patterns.

In my experience as an astrologer, it is a misconception to think of the astrological Sun sign that you were born into as giving you traits only developed in this life. There is an excellent chance you have past-life instincts that have carried over into this lifetime.

It is the karmic patterns that find us repeating behaviors that keep us stuck in limiting situations that we need to channel into more productive expressions. I think of these karmic patterns as energies that reside in the shadow part of our consciousness that need to be brought out into clearer light. Each of us has some of these karmic shadows following us into this life. Think of this as unfinished business for this incarnation that we can learn to master.

Much of my astrological counseling over the years has been helping people navigate through karmic patterns. Many of these karmic tendencies are linked to past-life relationships. What is interesting is that some people don’t know a karmic pattern was supposed to be already over in this life. Why do we keep repeating old, worn-out past-life behaviors? There can be an attachment to these shadowy influences because we get used to acting them out. It is as though they know our name and feel free to come calling. They can take on a life of their own. We do have the freedom to opt out of negative thoughts and actions. But it can take acknowledging these shadow energies exist in us. It is at this time we can begin to find the inner strength and clarity to walk away from karmic patterns. It might take some willpower and positive reinforcement, but we can divorce ourselves from these past patterns of thinking.

Karmic Pattern Recognition
Even in the best relationships a karmic pattern can show its face and try to weave its way into your thinking. A relationship might not be a karmic one but can still stir up past-life tendencies. Don’t panic. Sometimes it is in an emotional or angry reaction that each of us can fall victim to past-life behaviors. Our mind might be telling us we are acting out a learned behavior from this lifetime. There is an excellent chance the behavior and thoughts are carryovers from previous lifetimes. With some practice, you will get better at catching these past-life impulses. What is the payoff for doing this? You will feel empowered, and your relationships with lovers, friends, family, and business people will grow clearer and stronger.

Past-life patterns from previous incarnations can still be with us in the current incarnation. They are in our memory bank and can get activated in this lifetime. They can reside out of the awareness of our conscious mind on a subconscious level. The key thing to remember is that you can find a positive way to make use of this energy. The reward is enjoying greater harmony and fulfillment in your relationships.

How Does Your Current-Life Sun Sign Link with Your Past Incarnations?
In reading the past-life patterns in the sign chapters that correspond to your Sun sign, you will soon realize that there is another dimension contained within your sign. Your Sun sign is the portal through which you can identify past-life patterns. This is not saying you have always incarnated with the same Sun sign. Think of it as becoming more aware of the past-life patterns you have come into this life to gain clarity about through the Sun sign you have from birth. This Sun sign is only specific to this lifetime so you can get a better handle on past-life patterns from previous incarnations that you came here to better express productively. Your Sun sign is not causing these past-life patterns to occur again, but rather it is a vehicle through which to identify and heal these past-life patterns and bring yourself happier and balanced relationships. The powerful radiance of your own Sun sign can guide you to find the insight to find an alternative expression to heal a past-life pattern.

BERNIE ASHMAN (Durham, NC) is a highly respected professional astrologer who has been studying, practicing, and teaching for over thirty-five years. He is the author of several books and has contributed to the astrology magazines Dell Horoscope, Astro Signs, The Mountain Astrologer, and Welcome to Planet Earth. Bernie also gives personal readings, conducts lectures, and contributes to astrology software programs. For more visit

Excerpt from Sun Sign Karma by Bernie Ashman © 2021 by Bernie Ashman. Used by permission from Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd.