Spiritual Regression: Why Are You Here?

Spiritual Regression: Why Are You Here? by Brynn Blankinship

(Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.)

Spiritual regression is a great way to resolve inner conflict through deeper self-awareness to begin moving forward in your life rather than staying stuck and not knowing why. As a transpersonal hypnotherapist, clients arrive at my office seeking guidance or answers to questions they have about themselves and their place in this world. Often, they are feeling overwhelmed and in need of spiritual recharging, or are searching for clarity and purposeful direction in their lives. While a past life regression alone can be a cathartic experience, identifying and clearing karmic carryover from a lifetime or two, it often isn't enough to provide the deeper answers to their life's mysteries for which clients are searching.

Through thousands of session hours with hypno-regression clients, I developed a technique called Soul Expression Spiritual Regression (SESR), as a way to achieve a great alignment with one's soul. A SESR session ("assessor") offers an assessment or review of your current life permitting the magnification of your soul in the current mind and body. SESR strengthens the connection to your soul's innate wisdom and provides a current life assessment, giving you a clearer sense of who you are, your unique gifts, and what you are here to do.

SESR helps you identify and review the past and future simultaneously from the perspective of the current life with direct guidance from your soul and spiritual team to find and follow your soul's guidance, identify negative patterns, and move through issues more quickly by allowing you direct access to yourself. Each session is unique, but what clients have in common is that they each bring to light information in such a way that they are able to resolve long-standing issues to move past previous limitations and feel freer. It's a way to re-discover your life's purpose and take more responsibility in your life in knowing that you are here by design, not by accident, that you are loved, and that you are not alone.

You are here on purpose, for a purpose. Armed with this wisdom, you are able to better navigate your life and call upon help from your spiritual team in a true partnership with them. Your spiritual team gives guidance from their respective vantage points. Your Soul Advisory Team offers the bigger picture, especially in pre-birth planning, while spiritual guides and teachers offer assistance with the details of making that happen. It's your role to stay open to the assistance being given so that you can accomplish what you came to Earth to do while improving the relationship with yourself through your soul's various incarnations. All events are part of the divine plan…the perceived good and the perceived bad. It's part of the duality of this earthly realm.

In my book, The Limitless Soul, are a collection of case studies from actual client sessions revealing the complexities the soul faces by design throughout its many incarnations, and how revisiting certain times in your soul's history can provide insight and release energetic blockages that are impacting your current life incarnation. It is a chapter-by-chapter look through the eyes of clients in deep trance at different past life and afterlife cases to explore many aspects of a soul's incarnations, showing that life is not a random series of events. Souls learn with each lifetime. As one spiritual guide states, "No life is wasted; there are lessons in every kind of life."

The clients in The Limitless Soul sought insight into the mysteries of their existence and earthly lessons for their current incarnation, and their sessions carry messages with universal appeal. Each chapter includes practical soul-minded exercises for the reader to begin their own process of awakening to soul.

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 7, "The Gifts You Brought with You," where we explore the preplanning aspect of the current life incarnation and how it influences current life decision-making as well as provides skills and abilities needed to fulfill the life you are currently living. Many of my clients experience in session what Claire so eloquently describes here while in a deep trance state.

Claire is interested in SESR to explore and recharge. "I want to be aware of the afterlife in this plane, hold a little piece of it in my heart, and let it recharge me," she shares. What follows reveals that all lives have meaning. Your existence affects others one way or the other simply by your having been here.

The SESR session begins. Floating along the current of her soul's consciousness, Claire moves to the womb close to the time to be born. Claire's spirits are high. She's coming to bring enthusiasm. It's needed on Earth and she happily signed up for it. Her time is spent floating, sleeping, and planning what she'll need for the life that is coming.

Suspended there, she receives information that flows directly into her cells. These instructions are sent from "home"—from that place where they help you build your "suit with your traits that you're going to be," Claire explains.

She reveals that the soul helps create the part of the suit where you agree what you'll be. Then the ones who help you in pre-birth planning tell you how that will happen and the traits and personality that go with that. It's talked about, planned, and designed by them for you before you incarnate. They're like tailors. They take what you're planning to come for and make a suit for you to wear. The suit has the memories in it that activate later when you need them.

"You can't see the suit," she explains. "At different times it will help you to do what you're supposed to do, like how you see the world... It's on the inside. It's what makes you laugh at some things and not others. It's hooked in. It's the suit you put on to get born and has all you need in it... it's your 'Birthday Suit.'"

Next Claire moves through a doorway and directly into the cosmic realms. Her guide, appearing as a ball of light, patiently takes her along this pathway through the stars, so she can feel them and absorb the atmosphere here.

Claire becomes aware of others and is curious about her soul group, those souls who incarnate together playing different roles in one another's lives throughout their various incarnations. She recognizes several from her current life.

Continuing to the Soul Awareness Area, things she has done are playing on a big viewing screen. Claire explains, "Everything is here and there is information everywhere—who you are and who you always were...it's all here, backward and forward from all of your lifetimes."

I am reminded that Earth is an emotional planet. It's where souls come to experience the range of emotions. Half the battle of existing on this planet is managing one's emotions. Claire is told that emotional help is needed on Earth. "There are many changes coming our way on Earth…I'm to help with compassion…" she reveals. "Lots of different people will soon be helping...teams of them...the pulse of all the spirits are all changing."

She's shown a heartbeat that speeds up and slows down. A piece is placed in her heart to hold as a reminder while shifting her vibration for the work she's to do.

In Soul Reflection, she recalls a past life where she had not spoken up for someone and it cost him his life. She punished herself by living out her days alone in a cave. In her current life, she has the opportunity to overcome this karmic carryover.

Claire's guide signals that itis time to visit her Soul Advisory Council, wise beings like a special committee, that support souls with their incarnations. Five white, light beings are waiting for her. She feels nervous to be in their presence. They are pleased with her and tell her they hear her when she asks and are helping. Her guide adds, not to worry so, her "birthday suit" has what she needs!

Following the session, Claire seems stronger and with less self-doubt, and her energy field looks bright. She has a clearer sense of purpose and understanding of her uniqueness as a soul and as the person she is now, finding solace in knowing her connection to the divine plan. She knows it is okay to speak up more and use her voice, and that she was born with everything she needs. She looks great and feels grateful to be charged up!

No matter the path that leads them to my office for SESR, clients like Claire are seeking a deeper understanding of their earthly existence. Empowered with the self-knowledge of who you truly are, you can move forward, comforted in knowing that your spiritual team is always with you to help them succeed.

When given glimpses into the spiritual realm you see that we're all here as part of the bigger plan. As you consider your own role in the divine plan, connecting with your useful purpose brings happiness and contentment when you are doing what you came here to do. The following exercise can help you uncover your unique gifts and begin to explore your part in it.

Soul-Minded Journaling: Recognizing Your Unique Gifts, Skills, and Abilities
Use this journaling exercise to discover and identify your own gifts and abilities. Take time to really look at yourself objectively to uncover the unique qualities you possess that perhaps you take for granted because you've always done them naturally.

  1. Look to you childhood to the kinds of things you enjoyed doing without being told to do them. Were you afraid or curious? Outgoing or shy?
  2. What gifts, skills and abilities do you possess? Do you recognize the gifts that make you special? What's unique to you that you bring with you wherever you go? Do people find a sense of comfort in your presence or do they laugh at your unique perspective on things? Are you a good listener or naturally organized?
  3. What do others tell you they admire in you? Identify the special gifts you bring to your relationships and interactions with others.
  4. What ways can you improve on strengths you naturally have, or overcome areas where you are deficient? What would you like to improve on? What abilities have you cultivated in yourself that you once admired in others?
  5. Are you comfortable expressing who you are? What experiences or situations are keeping you from feeling comfortable being your true self?
  6. Is your energy open and inviting, or restrictive and closed off? Find ways to boost your "birthday suit" to make your energy field fresh and new again! What makes you light up? What brings you joy?

Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal. Copyright Llewellyn Worldwide, 2019. All rights reserved.