Spiritual Protection Ritual #5 – “Instant Energy!”




Restore your vibrancy and optimism in minutes with this “instant energy” ritual. You can use this ritual as a quick pick-me-up any time you feel drained, burdened or exhausted.


What you will need:
1 egg
3-5 Minutes

Preparation: The beauty of this ritual is that it can be done at any time, any place with one simple item, an egg. You can perform this ritual clothed or unclothed, and in a relatively short time.

The Ritual: Find a relaxed sitting position. Begin by gently rubbing the egg up and down your arms, taking care not to break it. The egg will act as a demagnetizing agent, picking up invisible stray, restrictive or negative energy that has attached itself to you during the day. Once you have “demagnetized” your arms, repeat on the legs, torso, neck and head, until you have covered every inch of your body.

Once the ritual is complete, break the egg into a toilet and flush away all the metaphysical “dirty energy” of the day.