numerology-numbersSpiritual truths emerge now that we're riding the cosmic waves of the double 7 vibration in numerology this month.

Bump up the TLC on yourself  + recharge your batteries!
If you've been on stress overload from August's 6 universal month cycle of responsibilities, this is the month to bump up the TLC on yourself and recharge your batteries.

Didn't you get the cosmic memo?

September puts a stop to burning the candle at both ends so you can be fully present for everything sweet and good coming up in your life. The chess pieces on the board of life are being moved behind the scenes so you're forced to look at the bigger picture of what's really important, and not get bogged down by superficial fluff.

Book a Mental Wellness Weekend
Pack your bags, book a few days at a wellness resort to disconnect from technology and work on healing the parts of yourself that need to be detoxed, cleansed and stress-free. August may have been all about sacrificing for the good of your tribe, but this month you're encouraged to search for your own truths and pull back in order to drown out the incessant chatter from the world around you.

Listen to Your "Spidey" Senses
If your spidey senses are calling you to investigate something, know this: Secrets don't stay in the closet with this 7 cycle shining a light on those dark places. This is your time to check in with your intuition and listen to what your Guides have to say about a situation.

Don't be surprised if there's a spiritual breakthrough of some sort this month, because your dreams may hold important keys to a dilemma and what your next step needs to be for resolution.

Ask the deeper questions that bring awareness on a soul level of your next step in life. You are no longer happy accepting the routine.

Uncork the spiritual juice this month has to offer and drink from the bottle of cosmic wisdom

Pump up the volume on your intuition by engaging in any of these September approved activities:

☀ Meditate
☀ Put love into your altars and ritual work
☀ Sign up for classes that open your third eye + crown chakras like yoga or a psychic development class
☀ Spend time in nature
☀ Pay attention to dreams and journal on the insights that come through
☀ Pull some Lenormand or Tarot cards to get to the heart of the matter

Cosmic Blessings!


Zuri Eberhart is a Florida based psychic intuitive and energy healer, bringing magic and clarity into the lives of men and women from across the globe. To schedule a private reading with her, contact Zuri at Ask