Raising Conscious of Thought Energy

by Cindy Attar

Quite often in a reading, all sorts of thoughts, feelings, and pictures will come to me that I don't have time to communicate or explain during that particular live chat session. Most of this is best labeled thought energy. Let me explain what thought energy is, how we all experience it, and how understanding it can help us align with peace, love and healing.

If you have a connection with someone, whether it's a casual friendship, a deeply loving relationship, or something in between, there is always an overhead cloud of the thoughts and feelings you exchange that encompasses the two of you. Let's say you're a woman, and we're talking about your relationship with your husband. Your thoughts/feelings about him he gets on some level, whether he is conscious of that or not. Similarly, on some level, you can feel his thoughts and feelings about you. What you are sensing is what I call thought energy.

While each person is both a sender and receiver of thought energy, most people are stronger at either sending or receiving. Which do you feel you are stronger at, sending or receiving? Being empathic, I definitely am a strong and sensitive receiver. I'm so sensitive, in fact, that if the other party has a prominent presence (is a strong sender), his thought energy can hit me like a basketball on the head. I also have known people who have such a light presence that I didn't even know they were there! As a born empath, I've been aware of this ability all my life. I know how/what a person is thinking by tapping into their thought energy. This skill is what makes me a great intuitive reader for others.

Thought energy in the cloud - his and yours - can feel like it ALL originated within you. The unaware sensitive receiver (you) can easily mistake his thought energy for your own thoughts/feelings towards him. This is the source of a lot of the confusion that arises in relationships. How you feel about someone may be how they actually feel about YOU; you aren't so much feeling that way, as picking it up.

How do you know if the thought energy is yours or his? One way is to just use logic. Ask yourself if how you feel about someone makes sense given all the dynamics of the relationship. If it doesn't make sense, or it feels confusing, you may want to look more deeply. If you're left puzzled as to why you feel the way you do, take a closer look, and consider the possibility that what you feel for him is actually what HE feels for you, and you are simply picking up his thought energy.

If you are a strong, sensitive receiver in the relationship, and you want to split up and move on, but you just can't seem to detach, you may mistakenly conclude you are meant to be together. In reality, it may be that he is keeping the connection alive and preventing you from leaving by drawing you in with his thought energy toward you.

On the other hand, if you are a strong, sensitive receiver, and you have lost some of the closeness you used to have, it most likely is because he isn't as present as he was before: his thought energy is going elsewhere. Don't automatically jump to the conclusion that he has another woman. There could be all sorts of reasons he is sending his energy elsewhere. He could be focused on work or some pressing problem or issue, so it's best to just ask him what's going on.

If you are a strong sender and someone you don't want to be with keeps bothering you, you may be subconsciously keeping that connection alive by thinking about that person, either out of fear that they will keep bothering you, fear that you will hurt their feelings, fear that you will regret pushing them away when you're alone, or all sorts of other reasons. By thinking about that person, you draw them toward you.

Whenever you find yourself unable to change a pattern or end a relationship, detachment is needed. If, for example, your husband isn't as present for the relationship as he was before, then detaching will give him much needed mental space to work on whatever is troubling him, or your absence might just make his heart grow fonder and get his attention and energy to return to you. I often counsel my clients to detach, to go on with your life, or to withdraw your energy. For more information how to detach, see An Easy Way to Detach.

In summary, it's important to keep in mind that what you're thinking and feeling about someone may be mixed up with what they're thinking and feeling about you. By becoming conscious of what is happening, you can take the energetic reins and steer your course toward whatever you are desiring to create in your life.

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