Psychic Advice: Seeing Things in Peripheral Vision


For about a year now, I’ve seen things moving in my peripheral vision. When I look at them straight on, however, they disappear. I am not unnerved by this, I just wonder what I’m seeing. Am I seeing something in another dimension? Usually when this happens, my dachshund is standing there, looking in the same direction, so that really leaves me wondering! My birth date is March 21, 1969. Thanks!

 – Susan


You hit the nail on the head: You are seeing another dimension or things from the other world that have come at least partway into this world.

As I’ve stated many times in this column, houses and buildings are built on land that has been inhabited by many people before us. Sometimes the land itself is haunted, and sometimes the buildings we are in are haunted. Sometimes we just have portals in the places we frequent, which are openings to the other world. There are all sorts of beings going in and out of such portals all day and night.

I love that you mention that your dog is looking in that direction. Animals are not inhibited by logic; they are naturally intuitive and very much in touch with the other world. When I feel a spirit of any kind around me, I immediately look for my cats to see if they are looking in that same direction, and most of the time, they are!

Your dog can be a good helper to you in determining if spirits are hanging around or passing through, if they’re harmless or harmful, etc. If your dog gets spooked or bares its teeth, you may want to say a quick prayer of protection. While you should feel free to pick your own prayer, a good quickie is, “I command you to leave this place in the name of the one God.”

You need to remember that when you were a little girl, you were in touch with the other world: You could see and hear it. I’m sure that your parents told you to stop making things up, that there was nothing there. You felt they were wrong, but they were grown-ups, so you figured maybe they knew more than you did, which led you to stop seeing.

Often in our mid-thirties we start to regain the psychic abilities we shut down when we were little. So you are right in line for this to be happening to you now. There’s no reason to fear it; after all, you used to do this all the time when you were just a kid.

It’s not something that should scare you. Nothing from the other world is going to harm you in any way. This has always been going on around you; you just stopped seeing it when you were small.

When you turn your head to look right at whatever you’re seeing peripherally, the logical part of your brain kicks in. Once that happens, you won’t be able to “see” the same way. This may sound really silly, but try squinting your eyes and intentionally blurring your vision. Sometimes you will be able to “see” whatever is there that way. You can’t be afraid, however, or it won’t work.

I wish you clear and total vision!



You were born on the first day of the astrological calendar, so you’ll receive all kinds of messages and impressions from other dimensions.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could see through our pets’ eyes? They see what we can’t because they don’t have to believe in something to be able to see it. What you’re seeing out of the corner of your eye is quite clear to your puppy. She’s seeing the population from beyond the pale because these spirits are used to animals sensing them. Most likely, they don’t let you see them like that because they don’t want to scare the daylights out of you!

A good place to start seeing more is in your dreams. Ask them to come to you there so you can accept their appearance and not be afraid. Even angels can sometimes be scary to us in their appearance. If they speak to you in dreams or point things out to you, be sure to keep a notebook handy by your bed to write down everything you can remember as soon as you wake up.

The creatures coming to you on a regular basis are your guides and angels who are trying to tell you something. I have lots of clients who say the same thing – that there are “things” fluttering around them, behind and to the side of the clients, but when they turn to look, there’s nothing there.

Your guides don’t ever really leave you, but they do move out of your regular field of vision. Being open to seeing them all the way isn’t always enough. This is something you have to consciously develop over many months.

When my guides flutter around that way, I say, “Stop. You’re annoying me. Please just show me.” And they do. To try that, stand completely still on the spot where you see the fluttering and ask the guides to reveal what they want you to know or give you a sign.

Nine times out of ten, they will. Look all around where you are, and you’ll find it. It could be a feather or a penny on the ground, or a cloud in a certain shape in the sky, but it will be there if you take the time to look. This will let guides know that you are open to dialogue which will encourage them to reveal more.

Being able to converse with quides and angels will come in handy for you. You’ll know things that are important in advance, and you’ll be able to anticipate problems before they occur.

I believe if we acknowledge those who are trying to speak to us and guide us, they’ll find a way to tell us what they want us to know. You’ll find your own way, and your critter will help you. She’s very alert to your “others,” and will help you all she can.