Planetary Meridians: 10 Gateways to Empowered Intuition


by Bernie Ashman

(Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.)

In my new book, Intuition and Your Sun Sign, I discuss an energy known as qi (pronounced "chee") in Oriental philosophy. You commonly here this term in the practice of acupuncture. This is the life force that travels through the human body along pathways known as meridians; the meridians connect to all of our major body organs. In the meridian system, there are twelve major meridians associated with the major organs in the body. Isn't it interesting that there are twelve astrological signs?

These twelve signs are ruled by ten planets; in my book I explain how the planetary meridians work with your Sun sign. The planets move along intuitive meridians that we can't see with our eyes; think of them as energy highways that constantly are working with us to find the inner and outer harmony we seek. When we are not making clear use of these intuitive meridians, our life can feel like it is in discord. When we are in touch with the meridians, life could not feel better. Success in our relationships and work can feel like intuition is at our fingertips. The following descriptions of the planetary meridians will give you a glimpse as to how each is a catalyst to help you make use of your intuition.

    1. Sun Meridian
      The Sun meridian influences you to embrace your intuition with great self-confidence, no matter what astrological sign you may be. Your willpower to follow through on a goal can be accomplished to meet the challenges in front of you. Falling in love with life is the essence of this meridian landscape. The Sun meridian guides you toward those life experiences that allow you to feel young as you go through the aging process. The intuition lining this meridian is filled with tremendous strength to pour into your work and cherished dreams. Your intuition when truly embracing this meridian leads you to the love you seek. Surrendering stubborn pride allows your intuition much more freedom to take you to new creative heights. This is the meridian that shows you how to use your intuition to promote your talents and to cheer on others to realize their own true potential. You exude a happy spirit when dancing to the lively beat of this meridian.


    1. Moon Meridian
      The Moon meridian entices you to intuitively trust your instincts. This Lunar domain guides you to tune into your feelings. Finding the right home comes under the influence of the Moon energy. This meridian helps you to figure out the city, state, or country that will provide you with the best opportunities for harmony. Intuitively deciphering those people you want to let get close to you and know your innermost secrets is connected to this meridian. The Moon meridian is always ready to show you how to tap into a sense of inner calmness even in the midst of a crisis. Nurturing yourself and caring for those you love is part of the Moon meridian package.


    1. Mercury Meridian
      The Mercury meridian stimulates you to ride your intuition to new insights; mental curiosity is heightened when you tap into this meridian. When you walk through the door of this meridian, life remains interesting and your hunger for new information knows no limits. An ability to adapt to new situations and to stay mentally alert is a gift embedded in this meridian. Altering a perception or two to make room for new life directions is following the intuitive guidance provided by this meridian. Letting go of self-doubt and knowing when to stop analyzing allows the intuitive power of the Mercury meridian to work for you.


    1. Venus Meridian
      The Venus meridian allows your intuition to flow toward forming compatible partnerships on the romantic and friendship levels. Reaching out and expanding your social circles is part of this meridian's gift to you. Knowing how to find stability and peace is another offshoot of this meridian territory. Venus guides your intuition to greater self-esteem in creating an abundant lifestyle. Tuning into your values and need for ownership are assets offered by the Venus meridian.


    1. Mars Meridian
      The Mars meridian fires up your intuition with the initiative to pursue your goals. When you tap into this meridian, your assertiveness gets a dynamic boost. This is a fiery landscape that can propel you through tough challenges. The key when tapping into the push of Mars is to exercise patience, as there can be a tendency not to pace yourself. However, there is not a greater meridian to ride than this one in taking advantage of a sudden opportunity to make a dream come true. The courage to show the world your talents is encouraged by the competitive spirit awakened by this highly motivating meridian.


    1. Jupiter Meridian
      The Jupiter meridian expands the vision of your intuition. You can ride this planet onto inspirational highways like in no other meridian. Your knowledge of the world can grow by leaps and bounds, possibly leading you to realize new ways to market your skills. If you need to attract luck, then you have knocked on the right meridian's door. You might become too confident and ignore caution; it's true you may need to exercise sound judgment to land on your feet. This is the land that will tempt you to bet you can become a success if you just believe in your ability. Jupiter can guide you to listen to your intuition, letting it show you how to be an open-minded student of life as well as becoming a teacher and adviser.


    1. Saturn Meridian
      The Saturn meridian focuses your intuition and keeps you grounded. Saturn's job is to guide you toward fulfilling your ambitious goals; your career drive is motivated by this meridian's influence. Managing your time well and staying disciplined comes standard in this landscape. Intuition needs structure in order to give you a sense of a clear plan of action, and you can find that in Saturn's meridian. Flexibility and being open to change allows this meridian to flow more smoothly in your life. Not fearing new challenges is Saturn's way of strengthening your intuition.


    1. Uranus Meridian
      The Uranus meridian electrifies your intuition and sends it into innovative directions; your life can get a jolt of new excitement when you tap into the maverick energy embedded in this meridian. New goals can be awakened, as well as stimulating insights. Encountering people who encourage you to put your ideas into action is not uncommon when you embrace Uranus. Leaving old or unproductive situations releases new creative energy. You do need to be sure not to burn bridges you might need later. This is the meridian that points the way to inventiveness and thinking out of the box. If you want to reinvent yourself, you have come to the right meridian influence.


    1. Neptune Meridian
      The Neptune meridian influences your intuition to merge with idealism; daring to keep pursuing fulfilling creative expressions is enlivened by this dreamy atmosphere. Neptune fills us with the courage to believe in our highest values. It offers escape from everyday life stresses through meditation and other ways to relax our mind. Some sound reality testing is needed to keep your life in clear focus. The artist and healer in you may come alive like in no other meridian. You might see life through a renewed set of eyes when visited by the Neptune influence.


  1. Pluto Meridian
    The Pluto meridian intensifies your intuition; this is a landscape that encourages you to pour your passion into relationships and creative self-expression. This meridian guides you to market your skills and to find those talents that will empower you. Pluto leads the way to a rebirth that can transform your past into new clarity. The Pluto meridian helps you to figure your way out of a crisis better than any other meridian can do for you. Channeling your emotional intensity with greater insight is a gift from this meridian.

Remember the planetary meridians are always ready to work with you intuitively—hey are only a breath away. You can enjoy greater harmony in your relationships and creative goals when embracing each meridian influence.


Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal. Copyright Llewellyn Worldwide, 2014. All rights reserved.