Palmistry: 10 Clues You Should Stay Home from Work Today

Palmistry: 10 Clues You Should Stay Home from Work Today, by Alexandra Chauran

(Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.)

Wouldn't it be great if you could have a warning system in place to let you know when the work day is about to be so brutally horrible that you might as well just stay in bed? Actually, everybody has access to such a warning system, and it lies right in the palm of your hand. Palmistry is an oft-overlooked way to tap into your destiny as a work in progress. Most people think that a palm reading is a one-time thing, like an astrological natal chart, but your palms can actually change over time.

Don't believe me? Make a photocopy of both palms of your hands today, and then photocopy them in the same machine six months later, or even sooner. You'll notice the lines on your palms deepening or getting shallower, forking, or even disappearing. Every palm reading is a snapshot of a map of your potential life path, but some markings can change in days or even hours. So, your palm is less like a permanent map and more like a GPS. When you wake up in the morning, you can look for blessings or serious warning signs in order to steer your life in the right direction. Start by looking at your active hand, which should be your dominant hand.

Top Ten Signs That You Should Stay In Bed and Not Go to Work Today

  1. Ring of Saturn
    A Ring of Saturn is a line that cups below your middle finger. It represents a serious barrier to your goals, especially those that pertain to your sense of duty and your finances. So, rather than being a red flag about dangers at work, a Ring of Saturn appearing one morning means that there may be a deeper and more philosophical problem with your job not aligning with your values, hopes, and dreams. Not only should you call in sick to work, but you should spend the day sprucing up your résumé and finding employment that is more conducive to your material and financial well-being.
  2. Shallow or Chaining Lines
    How do the lines in the palms of your hands normally look? Everybody has a different natural state of the lines in their hands; some people have deep channels, while others have thin and shallow lines that look like a string of islands or a chain. The depth of your lines represent spiritual and vital energy, and like a river—deeper is better. Some people naturally "run cool" on a shallow or chained flow of energy in their lines. However, if you normally have deep channels that suddenly become more shallow and faint, it is a big warning sign that you are running on empty and about to be burned out physically and spiritually.
  3. A Grid or a Grille
    A grid or grille generally looks roughly like a tic-tac-toe board, and can be large or small, found anywhere in the palm. Grids and grilles represent barriers and obstacles that can be frustrating, but that can be surmounted with Herculean effort. If you're looking for a laid-back day at work, the appearance of a grid or a grille means you'll have anything but, especially if it is located along the midline of your hand under your middle finger where your destiny line and signs about your work life and financial duties lie.
  4. Unusual Flexibility
    The Yoga industry depends on the idea that increased flexibility is a good thing, and in general it is. However, if you suddenly wake up one day noticing increased flexibility in your active hand, you should be aware of two things. The first is your angle of generosity, in between your thumb and pointer finger. If this angle suddenly becomes wider, you are giving too much of yourself, and opportunities for a raise at work or advancement may be slipping through your fingers. The second is your angle of eccentricity between your pinky finger and your ring finger. If this angle suddenly becomes wider, you may be going off the beaten path without the support of your boss or coworkers, to the point where you might be angling to get fired.
  5. Blue, Black, Yellow, or Grey Dots
    Colored dots are the quickest changes that can appear or disappear on the hand. You might hop into the shower in the morning with your hands looking normal, but emerge to see a brightly colored dot appearing somewhere in your palm. Look especially for those that are forming on that midline underneath your middle finger for warnings about your work day. Yellow dots can show your energy running low and your patience wearing thin, so conserve yourself. Blue dots represent depression, while greyish or blackish dots can represent endings and limitations that can be rather unpleasant.
  6. Adversity Lines
    Adversity lines begin on the thumb edge of your hand, below your thumb, and sweep up onto the fleshy base of your palm from which your thumb protrudes. Each of these lines represents an adversary or an enemy in your life, and if you have one or more of these appear before you head off to work it is a big warning sign. A coworker or boss may be out for blood, so you'd better lay low and not take the blame for anything.
  7. Worry Lines
    Worry lines are natural for some people. These tiny and numerous lines appear for some to radiate down from the base of your thumb. Watch those worry lines to see if they are multiplying. It can be especially problematic if you notice those worry lines spreading so far down your palm that they cross your life line, that curved line that wraps around the muscular flesh where your thumb joins your palm. Such long worry lines show that your work troubles may be getting so stressful that they are affecting your physical health. You might be heading for a mental breakdown or even a heart attack.
  8. Star
    A star is the classic warning sign that makes palm readers gasp in horror. But actually, stars aren't really that rare, and most people will have a star make at least a brief appearance at some point in their lives. The sudden appearance of a deep star made up of lines, however, represents a serious conflict that could change the course of your life. You may want to retreat to your bed or even take some vacation time to rethink your goals.
  9. Poison Line
    A poison line is a horizontal line that begins very low on the percussive edge of your palm (the one opposite your thumb that you would use to make a Karate chop motion). It crosses almost all the way across the palm to the fleshy mount at the base of your thumb. If you have a poison line normally, it means that you are sensitive to allergens or toxins in your environment. If it suddenly appears one day, beware of your home or work environment, because there is something downright dangerous in your surroundings.
  10. Overall Change in Color, Puffiness, Temperature, Stiffness, Texture, or Moisture
    Okay, so you don't have to be a psychic to know that if you wake up with a fever and chills, feeling stiff and bloated, with clammy, pale hands that you're downright ill. However, your hands can show these signs more quickly than other parts of your body. Like the colored dots mentioned earlier, subtle changes to the tint of your skin may have those corresponding symbolic meanings. Stiffness that isn't brought on by arthritis or illness can signal inflexibility in your way of doing things that is going to cause you problems in life. Skin that is too thin or too thick can represent oversensitivity or callousness, respectively, when dealing with coworkers. All of these signs can be clues to an underlying source of illness or oncoming burn-out that has to be addressed before you go back to the grindstone.

So, the next time you notice any one of these top ten signs, you can go ahead and blame me as your personal psychic when you call in sick to work. Take a personal day or a mental health day to reevaluate your life's direction. Don't ignore any of your body's cues, especially those from your palms—which reflect your destiny. After a little time of reflection, you can return to your work with renewed vigor, or perhaps even take the responsibility for finding a new job into the palms of your hands.

Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal. Copyright Llewellyn Worldwide, 2013. All rights reserved.