Mysteries of the Aura: A Timeless Practice Can Change Your Life

Mysteries of the Aura: A Timeless Practice Can Change Your Life, by Jean-Louis de Biasi

(Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.)

I belong to a family of teachers, farmers, clergymen, and nuns; spiritual and educational pursuits have always been central in my life. I know that I didn't descend into this physical body randomly, and I have always felt this safe balance between the physical and spiritual worlds. I was lucky to be initiated into respectable traditions and to receive full authority in famous traditions. Today, I am using this unique heritage to reveal hidden realities and help everyone improve their hidden abilities.

The aura has fascinated me for a very long time. I was raised in a Catholic family, and I can recall countless representations of the Holy Family and saints surrounded by golden halos. The clergy teaching us these stories stated that it was a mark of holiness—nothing more, nothing less. That explanation was enough for me at that time. Strangely, I didn’t challenge this assertion.

When I was about ten years old, I started to hear stories about this strange light. I discovered some magazines about the existence of these bodies of light. And I began to find meaning in the colors I saw from time to time when I watched people through squinted eyes. I remember even seeing a strange pulsating light surrounding one of my cats while he was sleeping. I always felt it was a natural perception.

My knowledge of auras began with these spontaneous experiences and continued as an adolescent when I created a parapsychology group; the purpose of this group was to explore our inner abilities and these hidden realities. I started to explore the different levels of the aura (which I present in Mysteries of the Aura). A few years later, I discovered the work of famous theosophists and Eastern traditions. They confirmed what I was exploring, even if some details were explained differently.

Mysteries of the Aura is based on my experiences and my explorations. Instead of being a compilation, it is a progressive method that you can use to unlock this wonderful ability that everyone possesses. I strongly believe that teaching must be based on techniques. It is quite easy and important to give you a theoretical and cultural presentation of the aura, which you will find in the book. However, I consider it essential to also give you the keys to see for yourself and use this ability. What could be the point to simply explain how the world is to a blind person if I know how to give him the sight? Of course, it takes time and persistence, but it works. Mastering this ability goes well beyond the simple aura reading and can change your life and afterlife.

All over the world, various representations reveal some aspects of these bodies of light. For this article, I chose a few examples from different spiritual traditions. Once you've read it, I invite you to start your practice with an exercise accessible to all levels.

As I already mentioned, in the Christian tradition, a halo of light surrounds the heads of the Holy Family and the saints. Sometimes Mary or Jesus is placed in the center of a radiant mandorla. With this representation (below), eight angels with musical instruments surround the aura to symbolically represent the high level of spirituality. Music also indicates the presence of vibrations that are not visible to the naked eye. Additionally, the number eight is one of the highest spiritual planes of the hermetic tradition. It is interesting to know that this original sculpture was painted with bright colors.

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Another representation comes from the Italian Renaissance (below), which shows various strata of light around the head of the angel. Anyone who explores these zones of the aura can validate the accuracy of this painting. It is important to remember that they are not just an expression of art. This part of the body is often represented as it is the location of one of the brightest chakras (wheel of energy) of our spiritual body.

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Another instance from the Christian Gospel is the Pentecost, the artwork depicting which show the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in an assembly with the apostles. The symbolic depiction uses the image of a flame placed above the head. Putting the theological interpretation aside, this symbolic representation is very well illustrated on this 16th century tapestry.

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It is fascinating to compare the latter with images of the Eastern tradition. In the Buddhist tradition, statues of the Master Buddha are often represented with a halo surrounding his head, the third eye visible, and a flame above the head. This statue from the 16th century is indicative of these representations. In several other examples, his hair is twisted into a bun. This artistic convention is more than that, as it symbolizes this flame of energy.

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When I was 18, I travelled to Egypt for the first time, and had the experience of seeing the amazing artifacts found in Tutankhamun's tomb. Several chapels surround the sarcophagus that holds the mummy of the king. The reliefs that are the most important for this topic can be found on the outer panels of the second funeral chapel, with several scenes coming from the Book of the Dead. On one of them, we can see three rays coming from the sun and entering the forehead of the first figure. There are four other figures which represent mummies. Each one has a star at the top of the head. Each star is linked by these three rays of light.

Farther on the same panel, the three rays of light are vertical, going from the top of a five-pointed star and the sun, down to the feet. Following the scenes, we find goddesses inhaling the three rays of light and spreading the same light from their hands onto the head of a snake. The five-pointed star and the sun are represented here in their low bellies.

The last representation on the wall of this chapel that I want to mention is the oldest representation of the ouroboros. One is wrapped around the legs of the mummy and the other around the head. A circle in the middle of the mummy contains the image of a bird, representing the "ba" (the "soul"). As for the serpent, it is linked to the cosmic energy of life.

The Hindu and Eastern yoga traditions have similar representations of the aura, of the channels of energy called nadis, and the chakras. (An extensive explanation of these bodies of energy can be found in Mysteries of the Aura.) However, I want to bring your attention to the chakra of the head, the one at the base of the spine, and the three main nadis connecting them while crossing the five other chakras. The main pathway following the vertical axis of the spine is called Sushumna Nadi. Two others important nadis are intertwined with Sushumna, called Ida and Pingala. One starts from the left nostril (Ida) and the other one from the right nostril (Pingala). Some descriptions show these two nadis spiraling around the center axis and crossing each other on the chakras. Others show the three channels as vertical and parallel. This is the one we will use in today's practice. Being able to see the aura will give you the opportunity to observe these channels of energy and the circulation of the latter. Working with this energy is important and uses various techniques. Among them are breathing techniques called pranayama, which are associated with visualizations and movements (Asanas).

As you can see, all these representations depict the same reality, even if the artistic style is different, and in all these spiritual traditions (whether from the East or the West), they are more than simple images. They are symbols that also describe a specific spiritual process. Wise men and priests were able to directly see the bodies of light and their connection to the cosmic energy. Using symbolic representations was a way to give us essential keys to activate our own energy.

Following the gradual exercises provided in Mysteries of the Aura will help you in this exploration and the energy work you will perform. However, I want to invite you to experiment right now with a simple way to feel your aura and activate energy centers. You can extend and deepen this exercise with a recording I prepared for you .

This practice is structured in three parts: relaxation and breathing, perception of your aura, and activation of your energy centers.

Part One
For this first practice, I recommend that you be seated. Your back should be straight and your spine vertical. Your hips and shoulders should be well balanced. Your feet must be flat on the floor, legs parallel.

Close your eyes and breathe normally. Observe your breathing, the movement of your chest, the air flowing in and out. Be aware of your physical body. While observing your breathing, scan each part of your body. This simple process should start a state of relaxation and peace.

Continue this observation for a few minutes, but don't exceed 5 minutes. From time to time, come back to the awareness of your physical body and your breathing before moving to the next step.

Part Two
You'll begin to feel a light vibration around the surface of your skin. When you get this feeling, extend your breath, keeping the same rhythm.

You may perceive that a subtle part of you is expanding, changing size and shape. Follow this perception without exceeding 5 minutes.

Then, imagine you are at the center of an ovoid made of light. Let the color manifest to you in a spontaneous way. As you will see, a single color, sometimes two, will appear in your mind. This is not an astral vision per se, as you haven't yet followed the gradual training. Nevertheless, this is a true manifestation of the current main color of your aura. Focus on this color for a few seconds as a simple pleasure, avoiding any interpretation. Use your breath to make this color brighter and slightly larger.

Part Three
Move your awareness to your lower belly and to a center located four or five inches below the surface of your skin.

Imagine a golden sphere pulsating and a five-pointed star at the center of it. Take the time to see and feel the presence of this sphere of energy. If you already practice creative visualization, you can add the presence of the ouroboros at the surface of the sphere.

After a few minutes of focusing on these perceptions, inhale, and exhale. During the exhalation visualize three parallel channels of energy rising from this center up to the center of your head. Inhale moving again your focus on your low belly. Repeat this sequence three times. The second and the third times will help you to draw more energy in the channels you created the first time.

Place your focus at the center of your head, more precisely the pineal gland. Think about this center for a few minutes. Feel the energy flowing. Then build a sphere of bright golden light around your head. After a few breaths, keep the light and dissolve the edges of the sphere, revealing the light shining as a bright halo.

Just above the surface of your head, visualize the manifestation of a flame, similar to the flame of an altar candle, burning without any movement or sound. This is a pure concentrated flame of energy shining on a different level of vibration.

Progressively open your consciousness to encompass a larger zone around your body. As you continue to breathe regularly and deeply while staying in your state of relaxation, feel the shining rays of light. You may progressively combine this brightness with the first main color you previously felt intensifying its brightness.

Without exceeding five minutes, keep this perception while continuing to breath. Then come back to the movement of your chest and the movement of the air entering and leaving your lungs. Progressively, come back to your physical body and open your eyes. Remember to take some notes about your experience.

This practice gives you a glimpse of several exercises you can find in my book. You should know that seeing aura is an art, but it can also be deceiving. Fortunately, there are simple ways to avoid delusions (various methods for that are explained in the book). Seeing the aura opens to a fascinating exploration of who you are, even unveiling hidden parts of yourself. Moving forward in your apprenticeship, you will become an actor and able to work on your bodies of energy. You will even be ready to help others who asked for your support. Eventually, this gradual process increases your state of consciousness and opens to you a spiritual path of freedom!

Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal. Copyright Llewellyn Worldwide, 2023. All rights reserved.