Mentoring and Mediumship Classes with Jennifer Jean


I hope everyone out there is doing well and making it through these difficult times as good as can be expected.  The energy certainly feels very heavy as we continue to navigate the difficulties of Covid 19, the economy, political upheaval and violence that our world currently faces.  It can feel very scary and overwhelming at times, but if there is any silver lining, we have been able to do a lot of self reflecting and align with our higher purpose.  We have also been able to connect with our families and communities in ways we would have never thought possible.

I am seeing so many of my clients these days wanting to deepen their spiritual connection and are wondering what they can do to make the world a better place.  We, as light workers, are yearning to “raise our vibrations” to get past this anger, hurt and ignorance, and can “be the change” as Gandhi so eloquently put it.  I have been asked over the years to offer mentoring so my clients can get out there to assist others in whatever capacity they are able.  I finally took this to heart and have a new service for those who are interested in taking their abilities to the next level.

I now offer mentorship sessions in spiritual development and have had great success so far.  Each student receives their own unique “curriculum” based on their interests and abilities.  For some this may be psychic mediumship development, or for others, a deeper connection with one’s guides and the higher realms.  I firmly believe that the foundation of this work is greatly enhanced by our connection to “higher consciousness.”  I typically spend a session developing a solid relationship with one’s guides and how to recognize when they come through.   I also talk a great deal about the origin of psychic and mediumship information and how to give and receive messages.  For more advanced students, we might work on psychometry, automatic writing, channeling or accessing the Akashic records.  The possibilities are virtually limitless as we all have unique gifts that deserve to be recognized and developed.

It is my greatest wish to help increase your awareness, not only for your own confidence and sense of accomplishment, but also to inspire and uplift others!

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Jennifer Jean is a multi-dimensional intuitive, medium and channel of higher knowledge.  She has been assisting clients for over 30 years from all over the world.  She offers practical advice on life purpose and spiritual development using the wisdom of the Akashic records.  She also works with the angelic realms, ascended masters and guides to provide clarity and direction for any matter.  Her readings are heart centered which helps to quickly tap into the emotional energies surrounding any situation.  It is her sincerest wish that all her clients experience happiness, prosperity and freedom from unnecessary blockages to personal fulfillment.