Manifestation Ritual #3 – Universal Monthly Paycheck paycheck


This ritual will keep the money coming to you on a monthly basis.
We all sit down to write out monthly checks to everyone else, why not ourselves?


What you will need:
A blank check
1 green candle
Sandalwood or sage incense

Preparation: Wear red for this ritual to inspire the Universe to “cash” this check for you. Play reggae, zydeco or pop music to liven up the energy. This ritual is best done on the first of the month or the day you regularly pay your bills.

The Spell: Sit at your desk with your monthly bills gathered in front of you. Light the sandalwood incense and then use it to light the green candle. Before addressing your bills, take a blank check and make it out in this manner.

Date it and write your name in the space that reads, “Pay To The Order of”.

In the amount lines indicate the amount you will need for the month, or simply write in the word “Infinity”, followed by the symbol for Infinity (a horizontal “8”).

On the signature line, write, “The Law of Abundance”.

Save the check in a safe place (in your Manifestation box is ideal) where you can return each month to see how well it paid off!