Manifestation Ritual #1 – Set the Intent for Your Every Desire

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This ritual is designed to create intent, infuse it with power and allow the Universe to bring a specific request, outcome, goal or dream into being. Whether you’re searching for love, financial security, better health, a new job, spiritual advancement or protection, this ritual targets whatever you desire to attract into your life.


What you will need:
2 votive candles – 1 purple, 1 color of “Intent” (see below)
“Intent” incense (see below)
Stone of “Intent” (see below)
Manifestation Journal/Notebook and pen

Intent Candles, Incense and Stones
Love = Pink Candle, Rose Incense, Rose or Clear Quartz
Money = Green Candle, Amber Incense, Jade or Emerald
Health = Yellow Candle, Rain Incense, Tiger’s Eye or Amber
Career = Indigo Candle, Sage Incense, Sapphire or Lapis Lazuli
Spiritual = Purple Candle, Lavender Incense, Opal or Moonstone
Protection = Orange Candle, Jasmine Incense, Amethyst
Other = Red Candle, Patchouli Incense, Obsidian or Jet

(Note: Sage incense and clear quartz crystals can be substituted
for any of the above if needed.)

Preparation: Decide upon the specifics of your manifestation and gather the “Intent”-related objects. Wear colors to match the candle of Intent, and play New Age or classical music in the background. This ritual should be practiced on a daily basis until your dreams are fulfilled.

The Ritual: Begin by lighting your incense. With the incense wand, first light the purple candle and then your candle of “Intent”. Place the “Intent” stone in your right hand and begin visualizing your request, being as specific as possible about your desire. Meditate for three to five minutes on what you want to manifest. Transfer the stone to your left hand, and request aloud that the Universe bring this to you in the ideal form, manner and timing Destiny dictates.

Next, place your stone of “Intent” at the top of the first page of your manifestation journal. Formulate an “In The Now” manifestation statement, such as, “I have met my true soul mate and am now sharing my life with him or her”, or “I have won the state lottery and have endless money at my disposal”, “I work at this new job in this company”, etc. Be as specific as you possibly can. A statement such as, “I have lots of money” could produce more money, but without being specific, is subject to interpretation regarding the term “lots”, and it could even produce more work if you are vague about how you will come to have “lots of money”.

Once you have formulated a clear, concise and specific manifestation statement, write it at the top of the first page in your notebook, and then write it 14 more times. When finished, complete the writing with, “So be it!” or “Amen”.

Ring the bell once, blow out the candles, and leave the stone on top of your notebook, placing them somewhere they will not be disturbed.

Each day, light the two candles with your incense wand, turn to a new page in the notebook, and write your manifestation statement 15 times, ending with the line “So Be It” or “Amen”. Ring the bell once to complete the ritual.

Daily repetition will bring your requests to you in their perfect form, when the time is right.