Make Your Home a Magical Tool

Make Your Home a Magical Tool, by Tess Whitehurst

(Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.)

Whether you live in a dorm room, a mansion, a houseboat, a studio apartment, a trailer, or anything else, your home is a potent magical tool. Even small changes in your home can create powerful energetic shifts, setting in motion great waves of positive change on all levels and in all life areas.

How, you ask? Let me explain. Hermes Trismegistus gave us the famous magical maxim, "As above, so below." One way to interpret this is that the realm of form is inextricably connected to the realm of spirit, and that each reflects, interacts with, and defines the other. Quantum science seems to agree, teaching that we dwell in a sea of energy and that everything is connected to everything else, whether it's a thought, a butterfly, an atom, a flower, an emotion, or a brick wall.

And these intricately woven connections are constantly present, literally defining and creating reality in every situation and on every level of our consciousness, including the most everyday settings and occurrences. For example, even the least metaphysically minded among us knows that something as simple as the lighting in a restaurant can mean the difference between a breathtakingly romantic evening and an embarrassingly awkward first date.

How magical, then, are our homes! It is impossible to describe the scope of their power. Whether we realize it or not, they define us by simultaneously reflecting and reinforcing who we are and how we relate to the world. For example, every time your freshly showered feet step onto your gorgeous green bathmat, on some subconscious level you might say to yourself something to the effect of, "I am lucky and I am surrounded in luxury." This belief then becomes reinforced, and begins to shape your reality to match it. It's no wonder then that even things that seem small—like a leaking faucet or a lovely little picture on the bathroom wall—can have a profound effect on our psyche (and therefore every aspect of our existence) when encountered every single day.

And, as if that weren't enough, our homes are the sets for the movies of our lives. If the set of Gladiator looked like a Hawaiian luau, it would have been a different movie altogether. Westerns wouldn't be westerns without a bunch of guns, saloons, and swinging doors, and they would probably be a lot more peaceful. What kind of movie do you want to star in? It really is up to you. Setting the stage in your home for what you want to experience in your life is a powerful magical act. For example, if you live alone and you'd like more romance in your life, make your dining table into a table for two. Lose the extra chairs, or put them in the garage. Place a red candle or two in the center. Now, the stage is set! Every time you happen to notice the table, happily imagine yourself seated at it, having a delightful candlelit dinner with a captivating love interest. Then, it's only a matter of time.

Below are some key concepts that will help you to put these ideas into action, and to interact with your home in ways that will positively affect every area of your life.

Clear your clutter. Remember, "as above, so below”? One thing that means is that physical clutter is never just clutter. It always reflects and holds in place unwanted conditions in our thoughts, emotions, and life experiences. And, when we look around our homes and everything we see is something that lifts our spirits and makes us feel good, our lives are characterized by harmony, joy, and success.

So, let go of the extras. If there's clutter in your home, there's nothing better you could be doing than clearing it. Take your time, knowing that every time you let go of a piece of clutter, your energy field is lightened and clarified, which immediately nourishes and benefits every area of your life.

Raise the vibes. As we sensitive folk know very well, vibes are real things. The vibrations of a space are based on prior conditions and feelings, but they also define the conditions and feelings that will occur in the present and future. So naturally, it's important to raise them to a high and positive level. Luckily, there are a number of very fun ways to do so. Here are a few:

  • Simply cleaning your home in the usual way (provided you use healthy and non-toxic cleaners) can raise the vibrations in a serious way. You can also add aromatherapeutic oils and/or flower or gem essences to your cleaning solutions to fine-tune and intensify the effect.
  • Clap loudly in the corners and around the perimeter of each room and area to utilize sound waves to loosen and dissipate old negative or stagnant energy. You can also use a drum, gong, or tambourine for this purpose. (Please cover food and beverages when you do this, including the food and water of your animal companions, as they can absorb negativity during this process.)
  • Smudge with white sage or frankincense to lift and purify the vibrations.
  • Mist with rose water or smudge with a sweetgrass braid to call in sweetness and positive energy.

Consciously wield the power of imagery. Look around at the imagery on your walls. What is it telling you, and what conditions is it holding in place? For each picture or art piece, even if it's abstract, ask yourself, "What's going on here? What's the story, or the mood of this piece?" I guarantee that—whether you chose the piece or not—the story or mood the piece describes is, in some important way, showing up in your life experience. That's how powerful symbolism and artwork can be.

Even if all your artwork is generally positive, you might ask yourself if it's reinforcing the conditions you'd like to be experiencing. For example, if you'd like to have more time to spend with your partner, and you have a bunch of pictures of people or animals by themselves, you might want to bring in a few pictures of harmonious-looking pairs. This will help you internalize the feeling of togetherness. Your external reality will then begin to come into harmony with your internal reality, which will naturally result in the conditions for which you aspire.

Let your home be an expression of self-love. Self-love is an all-purpose tonic that helps us to magically manifest all the desires of our hearts. And nothing could be a more appropriate vehicle for giving and receiving self-love than our homes. For example, you might show your love for yourself by:

  • Getting new bedding that is luxuriously comfortable and cozy
  • Fixing the broken drawer in the kitchen, or getting it fixed
  • Organizing your closet
  • Creating a meditation altar
  • Burning incense or diffusing essential oils
  • Buying yourself flowers

Read Magical Housekeeping. Interacting with our homes in a conscious way is a deeply spiritual practice that heals us, balances us, and infuses our lives with blessings of all kinds. And it's a practice that lasts a lifetime! To deepen and fortify your relationship with your home, and to fully activate its magical potential, read my book, Magical Housekeeping: Simple Charms and Practical Tips for Creating a Harmonious Home.

Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal. Copyright Llewellyn Worldwide, 2010. All rights reserved.