Love Ritual #3 – Recommitment to Your Relationship



This ritual is designed to help you recommit to your partner and
encourage your relationship grow and prosper. It can be performed
as a couple or alone to restore love and bring your current
relationship back into balance.


What you will need:
3 glass bowls, 4″ or more in diameter
Purified or filtered water
1 red rose (real or silk)
2 red candles
2 clear quartz or 2 rose quartz crystals
Rose, carnation or sage incense
Cinnamon, allspice, thyme
2 Sheets of 8 1/2″x 11″ paper and 2 pens
1 bell

Preparation: Holding the two sheets of paper together, cut them in half lengthwise, then widthwise and a third time widthwise for a total of 16 squares. Divide the squares into two piles of eight. Place the three bowls in a row, filling the middle bowl halfway with water. Set a red candle on either side of the outer two bowls. Place 8 squares of paper in one of the empty bowls, placing one quartz crystal and one rose quartz crystal on top of them. Repeat the process in the other empty bowl. Place the rose and the bell in front of the water bowl. Ideally, this ritual is best performed on a Friday or Saturday evening, or during a Full Moon. Wear white, and play soft instrumental music in the background.

The Ritual: Next to your partner or alone, sit facing the bowls and light the rose or carnation incense. Use the incense to light the two red candles. Next, charge the bowl by both taking a pinch of cinnamon and sprinkling it into the water, saying in unison, “This cinnamon revives the spark and vibrancy of our relationship.” Follow with a pinch of allspice, saying, “This allspice is for growth and versatility in our relationship”. Finally, sprinkle in a pinch of thyme, repeating, “This thyme is for endurance in our relationship.” When you are finished, place the red rose across the top of the water bowl in order to draw up the depth of love you carry for each other.

Take the papers from the left bowl, leaving the crystal inside, and have your partner take the papers from the right bowl. On each piece of paper write one thing you would like to improve, bring or add to the relationship; this should be a desire or personal goal for you to work on such as patience, trust, thoughtfulness, plans for a second honeymoon, or whatever comes to mind that you feel would benefit this union. Write one idea down, fold the paper in half twice, and drop it back into the bowl. Repeat the process until all eight papers are filled out.(If you are performing this ritual alone, first fill out your papers; when they are completed, use the second bowl of papers to list the things you are hoping your partner will change to improve the relationship.) When you are finished, pick up the bell and ring it three times, then have your partner do the same.

Exchange bowls and draw one piece of paper out, or, if you are performing this ritual alone, draw one paper from each bowl. For the next 24 hours, these topics will be your focus, to be discussed or worked on. For the changes you hope to bring to a partner who is not present, meditate on the topics, then turn the matter over to Spirit to resolve.

Next, each of you will ring the bell once to mark the end of the ritual, and vow that you will use this bell over the coming week to request a conversation, draw a truce if an argument breaks out, or affirm progress for the topic you are working on.

Each day at an appointed time, meet again for this ritual, ringing the bell once at the start and once at the end of the session. Each of you will draw out a new slip of paper to address and work on together. Do this ritual for eight days, until all papers have been read.