July 2015 Numerology Forecast

Well hello July!
July breaks down to a 15/6 universal month, making you the hostess with the mostest. Your events will be on everyone’s radar for a good time this summer. Planning a family reunion or sparkler filled July 4th independence day event? Tap into that 6 energy to make your gatherings cheerful, welcoming and full of good vibes.
The 6 of Cups prominently displayed in your meditation space can help sweeten the vibes and open the heart chakras of friends and family alike. Missing your loved ones? Place the 6 of Cups under a jar candle and transform it into your own cosmic beacon to bring everyone back home!
This 6 universal month can also make or break relationships. So if there’s been tension or discord within a group or a one-on-one relationship, the 1 and the 5 energies that make up this 6 cycle can give you some insight into how to approach things to recreate a new sense of balance and harmony. The 1 energy encourages you to take action; now’s not the time to be an armchair astronaut and wait for change. Take the initiative to open up communication and come up with new ways to resolve the matter. This would be the perfect time to whip out the Lovers card in your Tarot deck and allow the energy to guide you in making the right choices for the future of your relationship.
Are you remembering to play and laugh together? The 5 energy not only brings about change to stale situations but it also adds an element of fun and child-like adventure to the mix. Maybe the situation calls for lightening the mood with comedy or returning to a time when you kicked back and didn’t stress the small stuff together. 5’s essentially a mental number, so the best way to incorporate this energy is to think outside of the box for fresh ways to communicate and find common ground. So try that and see what shakes loose!
By the end of July, you’ll know if you guys are moving into a deeper commitment or if it’s time to fly solo for a while.
For you singles out there, don’t think I forgot about you! The 6 vibe can really make your love mojo sparkle right now. If you’re in the right headspace for romance, the Universe will give you ample opportunities to meet your Ms./Mr. right. Check out what’s going on in your ‘hood and RSVP to all the right events to meet new people. You never know who’s about to walk up and buy you a drink!

Lots of love!

Zuri Eberhart

Zuri Eberhart is a Florida based psychic intuitive and energy healer, bringing magic and clarity into the lives of men and women from across the globe. To schedule a private reading with her, contact Zuri at Ask Zuri.com.