When Intuitive Memories Tap Your Consciousness

memoriesby Darlene Pitts

Your intuition communicates memories to grab your attention regarding someone or something. Memories are recollections of the past experienced as an observer or a participant. Like a supercomputer, your intuition retrieves remembered, forgotten, and suppressed memories from your soul’s archives and delivers them as intuitive messages to help you now.

Whether your memories delight, inspire, sadden or haunt you, you should pay attention when they suddenly pop into your awareness. Ask the question: Why am I remembering that now? When a significant event occurs in your present life, the past may return with fresh insights. For example, you may have a memory of watching a movie from the 1970s and realize that the movie dramatizes a remedy for your health issue. You may realize that a memory of a business opportunity that you overlooked six months ago is trying to tell you that the business opportunity before you is a great second chance. You may remember a job you had some years ago, and when you ask why you’re thinking about it, intuitively hear your inner voice say, Accepting this new job will bring you more bonuses and personal fulfillment than the stressful job you held back then.

You may be reminded of a previous relationship disappointment as a message that you should carefully examine a new friend’s questionable character. You may intuitively taste an aunt’s spicy casserole as a message that you should prepare yourself for her unexpected and unwelcome visit. You may intuitively smell an earlier vacation’s aromas as a message that it’s okay to relax and laugh away your stress. When you sister asks to borrow money, you may remember losing hundreds of dollars gambling at a casino, and know that loaning her the money will mean losing it. You may be driving and suddenly remember seeing a news story about a musician who crashed his car as a message to drive carefully and thus avoid an accident.

Ancestral memories live in your genetic stream with your own memories. I dreamed I saw black and white pictures of both known and unfamiliar family members; some had died before my birth. I never saw those pictures in any relative’s photo album, but I realized that this dream signaled more family history coming to me during my genealogical research.

Some memories belong to others but are accessible through your spiritual connection with everyone and everything. During a dream interpretation class, a friend’s husband said, I have two brothers. When I intuitively saw a third brother’s face and described his playfulness, another memory surfaced. I asked him, Where is your third brother? He paused and then recalled that another brother had died at a young age.

When intuitive memories tap your consciousness, pay attention to how they apply in your life. Are rembrances of a beloved high school teacher nudging you to obtain more education? Does a recalled kitchen accident warn you to choose where you’re going to eat dinner carefully? Is a memorized nursery rhyme reminding you to be yourself no matter what people say? Your intuition will use your own memories to deliver messages designed to guide and protect you.

The above article is reprinted here with the author’s permission. Darlene Pitts brings sixteen years of intuitive studies, research, experimentation, and teaching to her work. She promotes awareness and understanding of intuition to help people enhance their lives. She discovered her own intuition in the 1990s after an angelic encounter and a series of prophetic dreams. Through her Intuitive Life Review technique, she realized she has been intuitive all her life. She has been a guest on many radio programs and written intuition articles for several magazines. Visit her website at inspirationandintuition.com.