Introducing The Elemental Goddess Tarot Deck and Study Course with Kaira Sherman

The Elemental Goddess Tarot is a traditional 78 card deck containing 22 major and 56 minor arcana cards created with love and divine guidance by Kaira Sherman. The suits are named by their raw element but with tools of the ancient temples. Air - Feather Quills, Fire - Torches, Water - Vessels, and Earth - Crystal Balls. This deck will delight and enchant the beginner to seasoned reader. Awaken the elements and your inner goddess for healing and spiritual enlightenment.

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Elemental Goddess Tarot Course
9 week course meets 1 night weekly for 90 minutes via Zoom Webinar

Psychic-Medium, Kaira Sherman, will reveal her best kept secrets as a Psychic Tarot Reader and Spiritual Teacher for over 30 years. Enter into the Ancient Mysteries of the Arcana as you embark on an 9 week Tarot Card Learning Journey that will unveil the secrets of the Tarot to you.

Kaira will be demonstrating how to give pinpoint accurate readings, along with intuitive development techniques that will allow you to read the cards like a pro. Learn how to read the Tarot as well as other ways to work with the deck for healing, personal growth, and magic.

The next 9 week Tarot Course will be starting winter 2021/2022. Goddess Tarot Course will be open to 15 participants.

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Kaira Sherman is an intuitive, spiritual mentor, certified clinical herbalist, yoga instructor, and the creator of the Elemental Goddess Tarot deck. Visit her website at