How to Integrate Cosmic Ordering Into Your Business

By Dr. Rebekah Louisa Smith, author of Born To Do It: Becoming the Leader of a Business Niche Using Powerful Spiritual Techniques

What Is Cosmic Ordering?

The person who introduced me to cosmic ordering was Ellen Watts. Ellen explains that essentially, cosmic ordering is asking the Universe for what you want – and it arrives. It’s not something she has created all by herself either; rather, it’s been around forever. You’ll even find cosmic ordering in the Bible, where it is referred to as ‘miracles.’

Ellen shared with me her cosmic ordering technique, which is to say: “What I really want is X” and finish by saying “For the good of all concerned.” Ellen stresses that it is very important to finish each cosmic order with that final sentence as it ensures that no one should ever lose out in order for you to gain. This is very important to her when she places her orders, especially orders relating to money, as she doesn’t want anyone to die in order to leave money to her.

It is important to remember that you must never wish for anything bad on someone else as that is just a way to create bad karma for yourself. In fact, orders asking for something bad to happen to someone else will never be delivered. Cosmic orders are about you – specifically what you want for yourself – and are therefore delivered to you. It’s similar to when you go to a restaurant and place an order for your food. You order what you want to eat for yourself (pizza with a side order of chips) – not anyone else.

What is also crucially important is to remember to always let go and do something else once you have placed your order. If you can’t let go and your body and emotions feel anxious, you will block your order from coming through. Remove all emotional attachment and expectation – forget about it and trust that it’s all in order (literally!) and working in your favor.

The Luis Cosmic Order

I think the most memorable (and miraculous!) cosmic order I placed related to one of my favorite people, Luis – or my ‘Mexican Dream’, as I’ve nicknamed him. Ellen had mentioned that it was okay to place a cosmic order involving another person if this individual was someone I knew and was part of my inner circle.

I met Luis on the film festival circuit in Arizona 2018. Luis had starred in a film I was representing called Frontera and he was attending the festival to support the screening of the film with the other members of the team: the director Jake, and his best friend and co-star Omar. Luis is one of the most hilarious, sweetest people I’ve ever met. He has a lovely smile and is always very positive. We quickly formed a close bond and we would always hang out with each other when I was in the USA. In addition to being a great actor, Luis is also a very successful Florida-based realtor.

Before I moved to Los Angeles I was flying back and forth to the USA a lot, attending festivals and growing my business. During 2019 I stayed in an apartment in LA for two months and I was due to meet Luis when I was next in Florida attending a film festival to represent a wonderful film, The Cunning Man, on behalf of my client.

However, I was also going to be in the USA for my birthday in August, and I really wanted to celebrate it with Luis. I decided to place a cosmic order. “What I really want is to celebrate my birthday with Luis during the month of August, for 127 the good of all concerned.” I didn’t want to specify LA or Florida, as I was open to celebrating it anywhere. When I placed this order, I had my doubts about it. I wasn’t sure how this would be delivered or if I was asking for far too much. What I was experiencing was a bit of disbelief; however, this was a good thing as it helped me to remove attachment to any outcome and forget about it quicker.

I flew to Florida for the film festival and met Luis. I’d totally forgotten about the order I’d placed, but I was planning on asking him at some point during the night if he would be up for coming to Los Angeles to celebrate my birthday with me.

Shortly after he arrived, he asked me how long I was staying in LA. “Two months,” I replied. “Oh cool!” he said. “I’ll be coming to LA with my brother towards the end of August to visit my aunt.” “Oh wow. When?” I asked. “23rd to 26th,” he replied. My birthday was on the 25th August! We did indeed see each other during the time he was in LA and it was so much fun to celebrate with him – and it’s all thanks to the Universe for organizing this for us! The moral of the story is to trust that your cosmic order will be delivered – but not always in the way you expect it to come.

This story also shows that miracles happen all the time (as Ellen points out in her book), and that anything is possible.

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