How Dolls Become Haunted

How Dolls Become Haunted, by Stephen Lancaster

(Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.)

Norman the doll has infected and affected just about everybody that has come into contact with him. He's predicted death. And every time, he was right. Somehow, he can see into your mind and your soul and he pulls from that. If I had not witnessed these events myself, I would have never believed it. Everything he has said to us through communication sessions has come true. It's uncanny to have a doll that is not electronic respond to your questions.

A great example is this video. This documented investigation is one of the best pieces of evidence in favor of not only the paranormal but of haunted dolls. Norman predicted so many things that night. The death of a friend, the death of a son, and so many other examples that you will read about in Norman and Norman 2.

Of course, I recommend starting with the first book concerning his haunting, but after you read Norman 2: The True Story of a Possessed Doll's Revenge, you will understand beyond a shadow of a doubt the power, energy, and intelligence puppeteering this doll. I won't sugarcoat it. This is something to fear, and with that comes a great deal of responsibility.

Let's talk a little bit of how and why something like this can, does, and will continue to happen.

Did you ever wonder why you see so many paranormal investigators using devices that detect energy levels, electromagnetic fields, and ionic energy to prove or disprove the existence of a ghost? Are you curious as to how and why doors can fly open without human intervention, phantom footsteps can approach you without visible corporeal mass, inanimate objects can suddenly come to life, or better yet, how a physical manifestation of the dead can occur?

Believe it or not, science has proven that a haunting, deja vu, clairvoyant capabilities, psychic abilities, and other ethereal occurrences are very much a reality. I don't think a lot of people recognize how much our modern-day science has aided in supporting the existence of paranormal phenomena. In fact, at this point, I'm not even sure we can call it paranormal anymore. The word "paranormal" used to mean, "something we cannot explain." I think it's just a part of our universe and our existence at this point and if you take the time to read, and yes I mean read and study, I think you'll find there is more proof that life goes on beyond the flesh and blood after we die.

After twenty-three years of involvement in this field, I can honestly say that I cannot be convinced otherwise. There is nothing that could sway me away from believing in existence, in no matter what form, after death. However, where science has proven energy is infinite and does not die, it stumbles at the point of proving a consciousness is attached. But I think it is safe to say thousands of paranormal investigators and researchers have documented enough concrete cases to validate that there is a consciousness attached to that ethereal energy.

There's an abundance of information to talk about and I can promise you, those over-the-top television shows are not helping you understand the truth in any way. Sure, they entertain, but in most cases favor that entertainment over data. The goal seems to be more along the lines of fabrication instead of education. There is a reason you don't ever hear any credible scientist discussing discoveries from a paranormal television show.

However, to understand how all of these paranormal occurrences are possible, we have to look at the groundwork our science has put out there for us. Let's talk about who we are, what we are, and what we become after we die. Only then can we begin to understand how ghostly happenings, haunted objects, and other paranormal phenomena are possible.

Energy and electricity are everywhere, and most people don't realize that even the human body relies on it to function. We as human beings are of bio-electrical make-up. In other words, we have electricity coursing through our bodies. The human body produces electrical currents, or bio-electricity. While sleeping, the average human being easily produces about one hundred watts of power. (To put it simply, in our sleep we could power multiple light bulbs if the energy was harnessed right.)

When we are awake, our bodies can comfortably sustain three hundred to four hundred watts of power. In extreme cases, such as an adrenaline rush or physical exertion, the human body can output over two thousand watts of power. That amount of energy could operate a microwave or refrigerator.

When it comes to the human body, the process of energy is extremely complex. The currents from our bio-electricity are generated by multiple biological processes. Our cells conduct impulses across the body's nerve fibers that ultimately regulate the function of our organs, tissue, and metabolism.

If you made it through those last three paragraphs, you are well on your way to understanding how you become a ghost.

Science has proven that energy is infinite and does not die when we as a biological being perishes. That energy moves on from our body and simply changes form. After death, the assemblage of atoms of which you are composed of is simply re-purposed. That purpose ultimately becomes the ghost, or spirit, and the cause of every bit of what we call paranormal phenomenon. The very substance of your electricity or energy will proceed to travel throughout our universe until the end of time.

That is proven science and that science is firmly sound. Unfortunately, that doesn't make for great television. But in being wise to these facts, one can find solace in knowing that a loved one's energy is still around. The Law of the Conservation of Energy has proven that not a part of who you were is gone, you are just less assembled. To put it bluntly, you still exist, just without the shell.

With all of that being said, how does this information play into haunted objects, or in this case, haunted dolls?

The use of dolls in religious practice dates back to ancient Rome and Egypt. The same can be said for possessed dolls. I believe most are familiar with what possession means concerning the field of paranormal research. But for those new to this world, it simply refers to the fact that something else, something incorporeal, is controlling an object, a doll, or even a person.

The ancients referred to these vessels as "Moppets" or "Poppets." Maybe now you understand why Jim Henson referred to his puppet creations as Muppets. In his case, the same principle applied. The only difference was that Mr. Henson and his crew controlled the puppets. It wasn't an entity. But the point here is, that it is all about controlling an otherwise inanimate object. It is also about the fact that whatever is controlling that object is conscious and intelligent.

This brings us full circle with the transference of our energy after we die to that energy possibly locating a vessel to control to communicate and manipulate.

In Norman, the doll's case, the death of a baby at the time of birth caused his possession. The energy of that child transferred into the closest, most welcoming object near him. That just happened to be a doll sitting in the delivery room.

The haunting of dolls is very common, and there certainly is an abundance of cases and stories out there to solidify that fact. Most believe ethereal energy chooses a doll to inhabit because they closely resemble the features of a human being. We know how to walk and talk and to use our arms, etc. A doll has all of those things. In some cases, the dolls even can talk.

It's not that hard to fathom that the energy we release when we die can control inanimate objects. We have seen "ghosts" move and throw objects, open and close doors, and even make physical contact. We have heard the footsteps of walking. We have heard them talking. It just makes sense that the energy that leaves us would react and create actions based on our living knowledge. We would do the same things we do right now, only in a different form with a different purpose.

We can expand on this even further.

Have you ever walked down the street and stopped suddenly only to feel like what was happening at that moment has happened before? There are a plethora of examples of this, which is called deja vu. My theory is when you get that feeling, you simply passed through the energy of the deceased. What you are feeling as familiar could be nothing more than a memory of the person's energy that touched you.

I often refer to this energy as a virus. A virus spreads and infects those with whom it comes into contact. When the energy of the deceased decides to infect an inanimate object, the infection ultimately controls it. We know that controlled energy, although invisible to the naked eye, can move objects. High enough electromagnetic fields can cause what we refer to as poltergeist activity. It's the same principle as using a magnet. The energy from one magnet can pick up another or connect with other objects. When you reverse that magnetism and use the polar opposite end, it can push away and move other magnets in whatever direction you desire.

This explains why we witness such ghostly physical processes. Energy controls everything. So, the next time you are investigating or experiencing a haunting, think about all of that. Visualize a person standing there moving as you would. Instead of physically grabbing an item and moving it, they are using energy to do so.

You've heard of the "force" from the fictional Star Wars movies. This is where a human being can manipulate and move an object or even a person with their mind. Although it is fictional, it's the same idea. Ghosts, for lack of a better word, are using energy to do this because that's what they are composed of.

As I mentioned earlier, there is very good reasoning behind the tools used to investigate a haunting. We measure ionic energy and electromagnetic fields (EMF). EMF fields are supposed to be stagnant and limited to the device emitting it. It's when that EMF field moves drastically and can be tracked with the devices that we realize nothing man-made is causing it. We conclude that an energy source with a conscious is the culprit.

With the haunted dolls, such as Norman, there is an ongoing trend in the data that points to malevolent behavior. I tend to look at the origin of that energy first to explain why what we refer to as "evil" has decided to control an otherwise innocent-looking and impotent toy.

If you were a rapist, murderer, or all around bad person in the human life, what do you think your energy would be in the afterlife? I believe you would be the same, only with advantages and attributes that we as human beings do not have. This would certainly explain why most haunted dolls are sinister. Dolls are already in your home. They are innocent looking. They have almost all of the physical traits of the human body. I refer to them as "Trojan horses:" they appear to be harmless, but on the inside the real evil awaits.

Statistically, across the field of paranormal research, our loved ones and harmless spirits tend to communicate to us by speaking or moving familiar objects. They might move a particular item that was always related to them during their human existence. These clues, if you will, help you put two and two together and conclude that you are experiencing a specific person. It's unlikely that a loved one would haunt a doll to communicate with you. But an evil person would.

This makes children extremely vulnerable to angry spirits. But that is a whole other article altogether.

To conclude, you rarely hear how a haunted doll is capable of doing what it is doing. The point of this article was to offer scientific information already in the textbooks that could explain a haunting or even your haunting. I mentioned the television shows earlier, and their answers almost always end the same. The investigators claim the doll or object is haunted. They may be right, but that doesn't explain how it is haunted.

We may know why it is haunted. Maybe there was a personal attachment to the doll before death, or maybe it's just as simple as it is the closest thing to resembling the human form. But how it is haunted is an entirely different discussion and one I hope I explained well enough in this article.

Knowing all of this can explain how possession of everything is possible, even that of a living human being. It doesn't always have to be a demon or anything else rooted in religion. It can be a person that once was. Demonic possession does occur. I am not discrediting that phenomenon in any way. But I do feel that sometimes a possession can be mislabeled.

You now know that our energy, or if you want to call it the soul, continues after we die. That is a concrete fact in our science books. Now you know how that energy can potentially manipulate and control the things around us if it so wishes to do so.

We call that a ghost. We call that a haunted doll. We call that paranormal. But now we can call it what it is, the infinite energy of a bio-electrical being that has moved on from the dead.

Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal. Copyright Llewellyn Worldwide, 2020. All rights reserved.