Horoscope Feng Shui: Using “Eight Mansions” for Dazzling Relationships

Horoscope Feng Shui: Using "Eight Mansions" for Dazzling Relationships, by Denise Liotta Dennis

(Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.)

Did you know that certain homes can support and ignite affairs, divorce, being bullied at work, conflict with family members, lawsuits, and other very unpleasant and disrupting events? Feng Shui techniques can find these possible scenarios and cure them.

Feng Shui dates back to Neolithic China, and the people of that area have relied on Feng Shui to build their homes and cities for centuries. Despite the fact that Feng Shui is more popular than ever, few people, including Asians, know little about it and the numerous formulas available. All Feng Shui formulas/systems are designed to bring a harmonious state of living so that humans may thrive in the areas of prosperity, relationships, and health.

The two most popular Feng Shui systems are the Eight Mansions (BaZhai) and Flying Stars (Xuan Kong Fei Xing). The Eight Mansions System is simple, promising profound results. It is a more personalized technique that is based on the horoscope (birthday) of the occupants. Once you have discovered your unique Life Gua Number using the table provided below, you will learn your distinctive personality traits and characteristics; this will give you insights into your own energy and others in your sphere.

While Eight Mansions doesn't have the complexity of the Flying Star system (Xuan Kong Fei Xing), which attracts enthusiastic interest from students worldwide, it is amazing. The Eight Mansions system's focus is on the people aspect, while Flying Stars is all about the energy of a structure/building. When the Eight Mansions formula is applied correctly, it can bring dazzling prospects for love and romance, business opportunities, health, promotions at work, flourishing investments, and wealth-luck. In addition, it is the only system that has a "personality type" aspect serving as a horoscope; much is devoted to this facet in my second book, Classical Feng Shui for Romance, Sex & Relationships.

You will be astonished and delighted at how a few simple changes can alter your life for the better. Eight Mansions dates back to the Tang Dynasty; it is not part of the Eight Life Aspirations found in Western styles of Feng Shui touting your wealth corner, marriage sector, fame area, and so forth. No indeed, Eight Mansions is the real deal, a genuine system that can deliver powerful results! There is no "universal" marriage or romance area that fits everyone. You'll have your own personal relationship direction to activate so you may attract love, romance, sex, and more harmonious relationships.

Eight Mansions will help you defeat serious problems concerning family, career, relationships, marriage, health, and children; this is accomplished by applying the principles of Eight Mansions using good directions and re-orienting specific rooms in your home. This is how the system works: according to your Life Gua Number, you will be influenced in positive and negative ways by the eight directions; four will support you and four won't. The lucky directions will augment wealth and money luck, health, good relationships, and stability; the other four can ignite divorce, affairs, bankruptcy, betrayals, lawsuits, cancer, and so forth. The idea, of course, is to use and set in motion your good directions and bear-down on and suppress the negative ones.

To find your personal Life Gua Number, refer to Eight Mansions chart below; make sure you are in the right column as there is one for males and one for females. If you were born prior to February 4th in any given year, use the previous year to get your Life Gua Number. For example, if you were born January 28, 1970, use the year 1969 to get the correct Life Gua number.

Now that you have your Life Gua Number—and that of your spouse, family members, co-workers, or children—you're ready to learn more about the energy that drives us. The following are the eight personality types. Please keep in mind that the descriptions are general and do not tell the whole story of you (what does?). However, after consulting with thousands of clients over the last twenty years, I find them extremely accurate. Also, none of us can be "on" all the time, and when stressed, we can slip into the negative aspect of our nature. Everything in our universe has duality, including us!

    • 1 Gua Personalities: The 1 Guas are highly intellectual and can be studious or even scholarly. To the outside world, they appear calm and cool; however, inside they have a rich emotional makeup. As a result, at times they can be overly emotional, moody, anxious, and high strung. They are full of brilliant ideas and concepts, and are usually very good at making and holding onto money. The 1 Guas are skilled at sizing up people using their natural, intuitive abilities. Since their element is water, they can be hard to pin down. They are sensual and can be highly sexual. Tending to keep secrets below the surface, 1 Guas are known to have secret lives.

    • 2 Gua Personalities: The 2 Guas exhibit persistence, dependability, and a calm demeanor. They can also be nurturing and supportive to their inner circle. With their calm, relaxed demeanors, 2 Guas are dependable and tend to have developed psychic abilities. They make excellent doctors or practitioners of alternate healing arts (such as chiropractry, massage therapy, and acupuncture. Since the 2 Guas have the most yin energy of the Guas, they enjoy and feel comfortable in dark spaces, but have a tendency to depression or dark moodiness. Good spelunkers, these grounded people relish activities that focus on the earth—gardening, farming, construction, and agriculture.

    • 3 Gua Personalities: 3 Guas are extremely enterprising and have progressive ideas. They tend to be outspoken, direct, and organized. The 3 Gua’s nature is one of nervousness punctuated by a lot of energy and steam. Constantly crafting new inventions, new ventures, or the latest thing, they love new beginnings and "start ups." When in a negative energy, the 3 Guas tend to self-punish, spread their energy too thin (leading to collapse), or become abrasive. However, they are full of surprises; 3 Guas have a sense of vitality and vigor that can overwhelm people.

    • 4 Gua Personalities: Malleable, flexible, and indecisive, the 4 Guas may "blow with the wind" if not grounded, finding it hard to take a stand. In general, they usually are attractive people or may have movie-star qualities. The 4 Guas are more prone to be sexually controlled by their partners than other Guas. They have progressive ideas and can become famous in writing or rich in the publishing business. The un-evolved 4s may self-destruct by refusing good advice. The 4 Guas can be somewhat remote and private, but they are also gentle people with an innocent purity.

    • 6 Gua Personalities: The 6 Guas can easily step into positions of power and authority, as they are natural leaders that seem to be blessed by the heavens. They make excellent lawyers, judges, and CEOs, as their energy commands respect. The 6 Guas have a regal, royal air that is naturally unpretentious. Clear thinkers, with a lot of courage, the 6 Guas possess foresight and extremely creative, and they can hold their own in a debate. They need time alone as they often get caught up in over-thinking, which can lead to being sleep-deprived. Oozing with creativity, the 6 Guas are filled with ideas that involve large groups of people, a community, or an organization.

    • 7 Gua Personalities: 7 Guas tend to be youthful in behavior or appearance. They are very attracted to metaphysical studies and arts; they can be talkative, lively, and nervous. The 7 female Guas are often blessed with very good looks, and sensuous beauty. Comfortable with a lot of "stage," the 7 Guas are good at acting, speaking, and in front of the camera or on the radio. With a strong tendency to over indulge in the pleasures of life such as food, drink, money, and sex, they must keep a balanced life. They can be a fast-talker, smooth talker, or have a razor-sharp tongue. The 7 Guas are very social, charming, and charismatic; they create stimulating, informative conversation wherever they go.

    • 8 Gua Personalities: The 8 Guas have a stubborn, dependable, and steadfast nature. They tend to have a great deal of integrity and are vey attracted to all things spiritual. They can become spiritual seekers, and trek the mountains in search of "answers" and to find themselves. Hardworking and loving things of the earth, the 8s are talented in construction, real estate, and landscaping. They also have a little of "save the world" energy. While the 8 Guas tend to resist change, they can deftly handle trouble without falling apart. Un-evolved 8 Guas can become hoarders, self-righteous, and short-tempered. They are geared for success and often become very rich with worldly honors, recognition, and status.

  • 9 Gua Personalities: 9 Guas have a sharp, brilliant intellect; they can also be wise, loyal, and sentimental. Blessed with a fiery spirit and energy, these Guas have a decided adventurous streak. The female 9s are usually beautiful, like a diva or goddess, but can be argumentative, aggressive, and rash when they are not on. With concentrated and focused effort, they can reach great height of achievements and standing in the world. The truly un-evolved 9 Guas will exhibit mental illness, such as paranoia and psychotic, unstable behavior. When grounded and evolved, the 9s can light up a room with their radiant energy.

Relationships are pervasive in our lives, and we want them to be the best as possible. Addressing romance and relationships is a very important aspect of Feng Shui, as this makes life rich and fulfilling. Classical Feng Shui for Romance, Sex & Relationships will show you how to arrange your home perfectly to support the most dazzling and harmonious relationships. It is comprehensive in scope as it blends Eight Mansions and Flying Stars with a hands-on section taking all the guess work out of the equation. This section is so detailed, it's like having a Feng Shui master come to your house; you need only to put your relationship-luck into action for a sweeter life!

Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal. Copyright Llewellyn Worldwide, 2015. All rights reserved.