Greetings from Orin

An excerpt from Personal Power Through Awareness 
written by Sanaya Roman, channeling Orin

Sanaya Roman has been channeling Orin, a wise and gentle spirit teacher, for many years. One of Sanaya and Orin’s greatest gifts is empowering intuitive and energetically open people to appreciate their sensitivity as a gift (and not a problem or a handicap) and that this gift is in fact, a powerful and reliable way to receive direct and divine information to make life-changing choices. In the newly revised bestselling spiritual classic Personal Power Through Awareness: A Guidebook for Sensitive People — the second book in the tremendously popular Earth Life Series — there are easy-to-follow processes that thousands have learned to create immediate and profound changes in their lives and relationships.

We hope you’ll enjoy this excerpt from the newly revised section of the book.

I invite you to explore with me the Universe you know so well. We will view it from a slightly different perspective, in a way that allows it to take on an added dimension, an unsuspected richness. It is the world of energy that exists all around you.

Looking at energy closely is like looking at a familiar object through a microscope. Although it is still the same object, it looks different up close. This course will act like a microscope, helping you view the unseen energies around you in greater detail, turning and adjusting the focus to provide a different perspective. It is the same world you have always known, but as you understand and perceive it in new ways it will reveal some of its secrets to you.

You can learn to recognize the energies you pick up subconsciously.

The microscope, in this case, is your awareness, your innate ability to focus your attention on whatever you choose. Not only do you perceive the world through your physical senses, you also pick up information constantly at a nonverbal, intuitive level. Your thoughts are the doorway to sensing energy, and your inner eyes provide the perception needed to change and work with the energy you sense.

You can learn to stop letting negative energy affect you, increase your ability to visualize, and have telepathic communication with people, knowing how to work with their nonverbal messages. You will be working with your inner world. Part of sensing energy is hearing the messages all around you. You need not be affected by other people’s bad moods. You have the ability to increase the positive energy around you and change the nature of your personal relationships.

You are like a radio that can receive many stations. What you receive depends on what you pay attention to.

Many energies exist that can affect you throughout the day. Besides receiving energies that are all around you, you are also a broadcasting station, with a home base, a frequency, and a mind-set. The way you perceive, judge, and react to your thoughts throughout the day grounds you in your reality and is the basis upon which that reality is created.

As you become thoroughly familiar with your reality, you can choose to leave it, for there are many realities you may step into once you are familiar with your own home station. You have a greater identity than you can imagine; you can unlock your present identity to experience even more of the richness of who you are.

Because you are like a radio receiver, you can learn to set the dial and receive whatever information you want. You are telepathic — you receive and send messages all the time. In this book you will learn how to control the messages you pick up, choosing what you want to hear and letting go of broadcasts you do not want to receive. You will discover how to tune in to other people’s energies to assist them in expanding into more light and love as you learn to respond from a place of greater love and understanding.

If you want to become successful, if you want to experience greater peace and love between yourself and other people, if you want to move out of the denser energies and into the finer ones, you can learn to do so.

You can learn to identify the thoughts and feelings of others you do not want to tune in to, turning off their broadcasts and linking with the higher energies of the Universe instead. You can open your intuition, that ability to sense and understand events at a deeper level, and, from your higher self, receive guidance and answers to your questions.

Humanity is awakening many new abilities. These abilities are part of the evolutionary journey of humanity. The human aura — the energy surrounding the body — is evolving. With this evolution comes the ability to sense what used to be unseen, invisible energy. People can now recognize, interpret, and work with that energy; that which was unseen and unrecognized can now be visible and known.

You are evolving rapidly, and the evolutionary journey of humanity is continuing to take a leap forward. When you look back into the days of the Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons, you can see that the human body has changed. People’s ability to sense energy has changed as well. Even the five senses have changed. For instance, earlier humanity did not have the ability to see all the colors you can see today.

Your energy centers are opening. Your ability to be aware of previously invisible and unseen energies is increasing.

You can learn how to use these newly awakened senses. They are already awakening and present in you, or you would not feel called to this information. I am acting as a guide, one who has traveled before in these realms of energy that you are beginning to explore.

Things such as telepathy, precognition, the ability to tap into new scientific inventions, discoveries of information not yet known, and an increased connection with universal consciousness will become the norm as evolution takes its course. The awakening of humanity is a journey into awareness of the higher energy realms.

It is now possible for many to learn what was previously only possible for a few. The awareness that used to take years of training in special techniques and meditation to develop is now achievable without years of special preparation. The evolutionary journey is one of awakening consciousness.

Many of you grew up as aware, sensitive children.

Many of you may have grown up in environments that often seemed inexplicable, experiencing situations that did not seem to match who you are. Some of you felt different from those around you, as if you had an added dimension of awareness that other people did not have.

Many of you felt emotionally sensitive, and it may have seemed that things that did not bother other people affected you greatly. You often did not know what was you and what was other people. Because you were telepathic and emotionally sensitive, you may have taken in other people’s feelings and emotions and thought they were your own.

Most of you are gentle, loving, and sensitive, wanting to develop your personal power in ways that honor both yourselves and others. Many of you had painful childhoods, not understanding how to deal with the rigidity or negativity you found around you. Often the people you were around did not recognize you for who you are — a being of light and love wanting an opportunity to spread your joyful abundance of spirit. You who are evolving this new “6th sense” are on an accelerated path of growth and need to discover and appreciate your uniqueness and skills.

As you open, it is important to develop wisdom, release pain, and rise above negativity.

As you begin sensing and interpreting the subtler and unseen energies of the Universe, you will be developing the skill to know which energies to let become a part of you and which to release. You can connect with your higher self and soul to rise above and be unaffected by the pain and negativity in other people, as well as to receive the guidance that your higher self is always offering you.

You can open to your greater consciousness, travel into dimensions and realms that you have not yet explored, and perceive yourself in larger and expanded ways. You can learn to recognize and understand who you really are and begin to find answers to questions such as “Who am I?” and “What am I?” As you explore and awaken to these subtle energies, many doors will open and many new worlds will be there for you to discover.

I invite you to explore your greater being and to use your sensitivity to know the magnificence of who you are. Join with me. Explore all the possibilities that lie ahead as we journey together into the higher realms of the Universe.

Sanaya Roman has been channeling Orin, a wise and gentle spirit teacher, for many years. Orin has assisted hundreds of thousands of people to awaken spiritually. Sanaya and Orin provide a path of self-realization through their books, audio courses, and seminars. You can read more about Sanaya and Orin’s teachings at

Excerpted from the book Personal Power Through Awareness. Copyright ©1986, 2019 by Sanaya Roman. Printed with permission from New World Library.