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A Scottish Gran’s Daily Dose of Wisdom

Inspiration and Wisdom for Every Day of the Year!

One of our premiere psychics, Catherine Bew, has just published a book of her insightful and inspiring quotes, outlining a focus and new way to view the world, one inspiring day at a time!
Providing an inspirational or motivational quotation for every day of the year, A Scottish Gran’s Daily Dose of Wisdom will inspire and motivate the reader. An opportunity to begin each day with the intention of reading, absorbing and applying the message it has for you throughout your day. Catherine has also interpreted each quote with her own beliefs, personal experience and outlook on life. Many are written with a dash of humor, accompanied by an appropriate and insightful image.

Catherine was born in beautiful Paisley, Scotland, a long time ago…Married to Pete, she has two wonderful children Peter and Lianne, and two adored grandchildren, Oliver and Sienna. Catherine lives at the seaside in Kent, England.

Her Gran was a Medium and Tasseographer, so she grew up very aware and accepting of Spirit. Gifted with clairvoyance and a passion for tarot she has worked with both for many years, to provide insight, guidance and empowerment to all those she feels blessed to read for internationally and in the UK. 

Catherine’s inspirational and motivational quotes have been featured on and she is also an Advice Columnist for “The Esotoracle” tarot publication.

Catherine’s mantra, born from her passion for tarot, has always been, and always will be…

I do what I love, and love what I do!”

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