Four Intuition Responses that Impact Your Life

trustintuitionby Darlene Pitts

Each day, your intuition communicates multiple intuitive messages to you. These quiet or loud messages provide divine guidance and protection for different areas of your life. For example, you receive career or calling messages in various ways. You may get a hunch that now’s the time to ask for a pay raise. You may hear a school bell sound as a sign that it’s time to improve your job skills. You may be moved by an inspirational song in order to realize your higher purpose.

You also receive health messages in various ways. You may have a sudden knowing that you need to take a break from household chores to ease your stress. You may get a funny taste in your mouth as a sign to drink more water and eliminate dehydration. You may experience a warning dream to reduce your salt intake and thus lower your blood pressure.

We all get messages designed to keep us safe when traveling as well. We may get a sudden impulse to slow down while driving to avoid a speeding ticket. We might have a sudden vision and know that we should change course to bypass an unseen traffic accident. We may have a feeling that we should schedule an early flight, and thus end up avoiding weather delays.

Learning how to pay attention and respond to your intuition can be both easy and challenging. I’ve faced days when my intuition ruled and days when I overanalyzed everything, but the latter diminished as I grew in understanding of how my intuition is always trying to steer me to happiness and opportunities, and away from frustration and danger. When receiving messages from your intuition, your life is impacted by four main responses:

1. Ignore. Your intuition nudges and taps you, but you choose to ignore those intuitive messages due to logic, busyness or fear. Sheila intuitively felt nauseated when hanging out with a certain co-worker. She ignored her feeling until her co-worker gossiped about her and other company employees. Thereafter, she kept her distance. Life impacts: Feelings of betrayal and a tainted reputation.

2. Doubt. Your intuition advises or warns you, but you doubt the intuitive messages are true or likely to happen. In her mind’s eye, Tamara intuitively saw the face of her godson when she asked herself, What happened to my rings? She doubted her loved one was a thief and had no concrete proof, but the face never changed. She later discovered that he had stolen her rings the last time he visited her apartment. Life impacts: Shock and broken trust.

3. Test. You test your intuition to validate the accuracy of the messages received. Elizabeth tested her intuition while she played electronic bingo at a casino. In her mind’s eye, she intuitively saw certain numbers before they appeared on the bingo machines. She raised the amount of money played, selected those numbers, and won over one thousand dollars. Life impacts: Joy and increased finances.

4. Trust. You trust your intuition without hesitation. I intuitively felt I should bring both my personal and business checkbooks with me before I visited my tax preparer. For six years, it had taken more than one appointment to finish my taxes, so I’d never needed my checkbooks at the first appointment. This time, however, I trusted my intuition and placed both checkbooks in my purse. My tax preparer finished the returns in one session. I paid for the service on the spot instead of having to drive thirty minutes back home to get my checkbooks. Life impacts: Contentment and saved time.

Of course, it’s normal to respond to your intuition in all of these ways. On some days, you might trust or ignore your intuition. On other days, you might doubt or test it. Notice how your life is impacted in positive and negative ways by your response. The more you trust your intuition, the more you live an empowered life via intuitive flow.

The above article is reprinted here with the author’s permission. Darlene Pitts brings sixteen years of intuitive studies, research, experimentation, and teaching to her work. She promotes awareness and understanding of intuition to help people enhance their lives. She discovered her own intuition in the 1990s after an angelic encounter and a series of prophetic dreams. Through her Intuitive Life Review technique, she realized she has been intuitive all her life. She has been a guest on many radio programs and written intuition articles for several magazines. Visit her website at