Five Myths (and Five Truths) about the Twin Flame Relationship

Five Myths (and Five Truths) about the Twin Flame Relationship, by Leslie Sampson

(Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.)

The sacred concept of twin flames is one that is surrounded with a lot of different definitions, ideas, and methods. It can be confusing when you begin on your journey. You will find so many things that are considered "absolute" and "fact," but may not actually vibe with you or your twin. It's a good general rule of thumb to remember that if something doesn't vibe with you, it simply doesn't have to. It's ok to say no, especially when we're talking about twin flames.

This topic looks massive on the surface, thanks to the fact that everyone who discusses twin flames in any way has their own opinions, experiences, definitions, and belief systems. This can make the entire concept of twin flames seem convoluted or even contradictory. That was my opinion when I began on my path of twin flame enlightenment.

Now, however, I realize that the entire reason there is so much confusion about twin flames is because there are a lot of myths that are considered truth. My intention is to try and clear up the confusion. So, let's look at five common myths and truths about twin flames and the relationship between them.

  1. My twin flame is my one true love.
    This is the most overwhelming myth about twin flames. It's because the most prevalent belief about twin flames is that the entire purpose of the relationship is to be each other's one true love on earth. The true purpose of the twin flame relationship isn't love, although divine love is at the core of both the relationship and the souls that define it.The purpose is soul evolution. Your twin flame will come into your life and change everything, and you both may even want to have a loving relationship with one another. Just remember, the purpose of the twin flame relationship will always be soul evolution.
  2. Twin flames and soulmates are the same thing.
    Most people believe both concepts are equal, but they are not. When a soul is created, it's made from a particular strand of divine DNA that is unequaled in any other soul. It is also infused with a blueprint of the divine plan for this soul. Then, the soul is split into two equal halves, which are called twin flames. You only have one divine equal to your soul.A soulmate can number into the millions for one soul. These are those souls that evolve around each other, and they do so because they are a complementary vibration to yours. The purpose of twin flames is soul evolution. The purpose of a soulmate is to assist you on your path, and they often allow you to assist them on theirs. There is only one divine match to your soul that is your twin flame.
  3. My twin flame is my divine masculine/feminine.
    At inception, a soul is created with divine energy, which is that beautiful, universal energy that comes from the creator of all that is (your understanding of a higher power/being/energy/God). Contained within that divine energy is both divine masculine and feminine energy. When the soul is split into two equal halves, it isn't split based on masculine or feminine energy. It is divided right down the middle. Both halves contain universal energy, which is partially made up of masculine and feminine energies.Universal energy is what creates oneness for all, so it cannot be separated into different energies specifically to define the twin flame relationship. There is no divine rule that insists one half of the soul is feminine at its core and the other half is masculine. Twin flames are equal in all ways on a soul level.
  4. 11:11 is a sign from my twin flame.
    The number eleven is more than just a sign from your twin; it is a physical and mathematical manifestation of twin flames meeting. Usually, when your attention is drawn to 11:11, it is considered a sign that your twin is near, or thinking of you, or just wants to get your attention. However, there's so much more to it.Previously, we discussed how each soul has both divine masculine and divine feminine contained within. Each of these energies is represented by the number one, so one half of the soul is represented by two ones: 11. Since twin flames are equal in their souls, both halves would be equally represented. That's how we arrive at 11:11. When this number appears, it is an indication that both souls are present, connected, and sending information to one another.

Before we get to our last myth, it's important to understand two things: everyone has a twin flame and twin flames are always connected. There is never a need to search for your twin because you have been connected since the inception of your souls. There is a cord that connects the two of you. This cord is made of the same strand of divine DNA that created your souls, and it is unique to you. It cannot be replicated or changed in any way. It connects from your heart chakra in the center of your chest and works like an umbilical cord to not only connect twin flames, but to send energy and information between you. This is true no matter if your twin is incarnate on Earth or on the Other Side. This cord can be used to draw your twin closer to you.

  1. I can tell you who your twin flame/soulmate is.
    There are advertisements for these types of readings and drawings on social media all the time. "I will draw a picture of your one true love!" "I will draw your twin flame!" "Is he your twin flame? I will tell you the truth." Bottom line: these are scams, regardless of how many "good reviews" they have. It's very easy to create a drawing of a random person and say, "This, this is your other half, your true love!" That doesn't make it truth. You shouldn't open the door to your twin flame relationship merely to prove you're correct. You don't need anyone else to verify or validate what you already know and feel.Remember, you and your twin flame have always been connected to one another, and your soul will always recognize its match, without fail. The hard part, especially if you're a skeptic like I used to be, is convincing your brain. It doesn't naturally want to trust and believe a concept so radical as, "My soul has an exact match, and it is this person." The brain wants to explain everything away as rationally as it can.

    The key is to allow. Allow it all, every little bit. Keep what makes sense to you, and discard everything else. And, hey, don't let anyone else into the heart of your twin flame relationship, because they will do all they can to tear it down and make you doubt. Trust yourself. Your soul will always recognize its match. Period.

There are many more myths that surround twin flames. In my new book, Find Your Twin Flame: Understand and Connect to Your Soul's Other Half, we not only break down these myths into truths, but we define twin flames and discuss the history of the concept of the twin flame relationship. We also utilize several methods designed to connect with your twin flame and prove the relationship beyond all doubt.

Remember: your soul already knows who your twin flame is. You just need to give your soul the right tools and guidance to grow and evolve. You have the "soul" access to empower yourself to draw your divine match closer to you. Go on. Do it. I believe in you.

Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal. Copyright Llewellyn Worldwide, 2021. All rights reserved.