Featured Spiritual Articles for June 30 2014

yoga-art-1Yoga Is
by Maggie Anderson

“Through my dedicated yoga practice, I am able to handle life with more grace, flow and ease. Through yoga we can heal ourselves physically, but also just as important mentally, emotionally and spiritual. As I practice yoga I get deeper into my true self; ripping away the layers that no longer serve me – obtaining a deeper connection to Source/God.”


yoga-art-28 Limbs of Yoga
by Maggie Anderson

“So much activity and anxiety exists in the world. Yoga is not just the physical asana practice but encompasses many elements for a mind, body and soul connection. In ancient Yoga traditions they were aware of the transformation of the body as inevitable and set up a beautiful complete practice of yoga called the 8 limbs of yoga.”


yoga-art-3Time to Breathe
by Maggie Anderson

“Create space with breath. As you focus on your breathing, thoughts go away and you are in the present moment, allowing space and stillness to be there. Breathing, in and of itself, holds the key to our divine connection. For without breathing we would not survive. Become aware of your breath in every moment. Breath awareness is most powerful and transformational.”