Double Vision: When Soul Mates Reincarnate


My nephew is extremely attached to me and has been ever since he was born. He's just a toddler now, but he is perfectly happy to leave his parents to be with me, and cries inconsolably whenever we have to part. He is extraordinarily affectionate with me too. For example, he has tried to grab my face and kiss me passionately, and he flirts with me in a way that makes him seem more like a little man than a baby. I totally adore him too - we have a bond much deeper than the connection I have to my other nieces and nephews, and I spoil him like crazy. Do you think it's possible we were romantic in a past life or something? The whole family is wondering what to think of his unorthodox behavior. Thanks for your help!
 - Nikki


I imagine one of the most common questions psychics are asked is, When am I going to meet a soul mate? Well, Nikki, you've met one of yours!

Your nephew is one of your soul mates. We don't get just one soul mate: we have approximately five romantic connections in each lifetime, and we can choose to have relationships with any number of them.

As for platonic soul mates, we have rooms full of them in each lifetime. Our family members, close friends, and even our enemies are all soul mates. Before we are born, we get together with a pack of souls of mutual choosing. We then make plans to come into each others' lives as teachers, helpers, nurses, and so on. They are all soul mates.

You and your nephew have been together in lots of past lives. You have been lovers, friends, enemies, partners, adversaries, etc.

In this particular lifetime, you two have chosen for you to be his favorite aunt. Throughout his life you will be one of his strongest confidantes and allies. He will even come to you when he is in trouble, hoping that you can serve as a buffer between him and his parents.

You are going to have to walk a thin line with him sometimes, because he is a handful. He will continue to be that way -- it's part of his charm. That glint in his eye when he knows he's in trouble, but he's trying to charm his way out of it is unmistakable.

Always remember to do what is best for him regardless of what he thinks. So what if he is mad at you for a week? He'll get over it!

Just one word of warning for you: Please make sure that the other children don't see you favoring him. Try to treat them all equally. Huge amounts of animosity could develop between your favorite nephew and his siblings if you aren't careful about that.

Right now he is here for you as a teacher to help you experience what a connection this deep feels like. You need to make sure that the relationships you have around you are just as authentic as this one. You need to rid yourself of superficial, meaningless, harmful, hurtful, energy-sucking relationships and people.

He is showing you what authenticity feels like, and you can use this feeling to gauge every other relationship in your life.

I wish you and your nephew a fabulous life together.



Your nephew loves you and is acting out his love for you in every way he can. It's natural for a child to feel this way when you adore him the way you do! I hope that you pamper and spoil him to the best of your abilities.

As soon as he's a little older, those passionate kisses should become more appropriate pecks on the cheek. He's just kissing you that way because that's what he's seen on TV, and he's trying to show you gratitude for all your love and care.

No doubt he's also seen how grown-ups react with shock when he does this, and he probably loves all that attention. Try to discourage this sort of behavior.

Many children choose one relative that they love above all. My granddaughter cries like she's being murdered when her mother takes her home from my studio. She would rather be with me than anyone else right now. As she gets older, her loyalties and preferences will probably shift. I'm not looking forward to that time!

Your nephew enjoys you because you enjoy him. Of course, it's quite possible that you've been related in other lives. We often return with people we've known before, as we have karma with them. You could have been his mom in a past life, or he could have been your dad.

People's relationships change, but most of the time, blood relationships are the result of very strong past life feelings. We also have to agree to return with people before it happens, so you two agreed to be together as nephew and aunt in this lifetime.

The members of your family who aren't as close as you may not have been in your family in other lives; that's why you don't have a deep bond with them. If you're aware of this kind of thing and you ponder it for a while, you can usually tell who you've been close to before, and who is newer to your soul family.

This connection you share with your nephew is ancient and very important. You may be the one person in his life he can always count on to be there for him, and vice versa. It's a strong relationship that will grow deeper over time.

It's always nice to have someone in the family who really knows you from way, way back. This will make his life much easier as time goes on, and yours much more pleasant and fulfilling.

While your nephew is part of your psychic family, he is not your romantic soul mate or a lover from a past life. Our romantic soul mates never return as blood relatives - that would just be cruel!