Double Vision: Things disappearing?



I have had a strange thing happening lately with things disappearing. Last night I stopped at a store to buy a small item and couldn't find my debit card. I searched my purse and the pockets of my jacket, but no card. Then when I got home, I searched through every place I thought it might be (including my purse and jacket pockets again), but no card. This morning I got up and searched again. There it was in my jacket pocket! Any idea what's up? I have had other things disappear, and I thought my ex had keys made to the house and was coming in when I wasn't here and helping himself, but now I'm not so sure. I would appreciate any feedback! Love and blessings to you!

- Deb


Your question made me laugh because this happens so often to me and it always drives me crazy. I know this happens to LOTS of other people as well.

We all have a whole hoard of spiritual beings around us. We have one main guardian angel, one main human spirit guide, and one main animal guide at all times. At other times, we have teaching guides. We also have helper entities.

I liken it to a television show. All we can see when we watch that show is whatever is happening on the sound stage; we don't see all the hustle and bustle backstage to get everything ready. We don't see the camera men and the production staff. Like that show, we have all these entities scurrying around behind the scenes, working for our benefit.

As far as your missing debit card, this is no doubt a "behind the scenes" phenomenon. I know you say it was a small item, but for some reason, you were not meant to use your debit card at that moment. I know it makes no obvious sense, but if you were one of those actors on stage I was referring to, you would not be able to understand the job of a production assistant, nor would you care. You would only be focused on your own best performance.

Like that show, you have to try not to focus on the "production staff," and instead, focus on doing your own best in each moment. I know that's easy to say, but you have to have some faith in the process. Spirit REALLY does know what is best for you, even if it makes no apparent sense at the time.

These entities we are speaking of often like to make themselves known. An easy way for them to show their presence is to mess with electricity. They will turn electrical items (lights, televisions, DVRs, etc.) on or off, or switch stations. They also like to move things. That is another way that they can leave their mark.

It happens to me SO often. I am incredibly organized and everything has a place. When something is NOT in its place, I look around and say, "Please bring it back" to the air. It will "mysteriously" appear again later that day or the next.

As far as your ex goes, I suggest you change the locks on your house. That way you'll know he doesn't have a key. I changed the locks on my doors recently. It REALLY is not that hard. You can do it yourself if you want to.

What is happening is REALLY normal. If you speak to your spiritual production assistants, they will hear you and help you!



If your house is anything like mine, you have some Spirit Energy there that disrupts the normal order of things. This isn't your imagination or your ex coming into the house and helping himself. I checked for ghostly activity in poltergeist form, but nothing comes up. This is probably a case of Iby Infestation.

Ibys are tiny little creatures who get a huge kick out of making disruptions in our lives. Ibys have specific functions within their Units. There are Artist Ibys who leave the tops off the tubes of paints and squeeze them from the middle. There are Kitchen Ibys who hide your good dishes and silverware. There are Music Ibys who put extra dots on the notes or rests in the measures of sheet music. There are various types of Automotive Ibys, who plague mechanics and drivers alike.

Yours are probably some kind of Money Ibys, because they keep you from using your debit card, hide your keys so you can't go to the store, and misplace money that you've been hiding "very carefully away." Money Ibys are some of the most difficult to get rid of, because they are more evolved than your everyday garden variety troublemakers.

I also sense that you're experiencing Homebody Ibys, who are an offshoot of the Underground Race of BogusBogus. These Ibys work in tandem with your Money Ibys to keep you from going out. If you have pets, they are probably whispering to them too, to try to keep you at home. Yours have personalized their little terrorist tactics. You have at least a full Unit of the Ibys in your home. Taking a debit card from a coat pocket would take at LEAST a squadron. It's time to take some Anti-Iby action!

The best way to get rid of Ibys is to bake or buy a birthday cake. Ibys LOVE birthday cake. The more decorated the birthday cake is, the better. It doesn't matter if the cake comes from the grocery store or your kitchen, but it does have to say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" on it for the Ibys to go for it.

On a Friday night, cut the birthday cake into four pieces and place it outside in the four directions: North, East, South and West. Leave a door and window open just a crack (Ibys are small), and they'll go outside and eat the birthday cake. Once they're in a sugar-induced stupor, the Iby Battalions will disband and move on to their next victim, leaving you and your house alone.

You'll know they're gone because things will stop disappearing right away!