Double Vision: Reincarnation Questions


I believe in reincarnation, but I'm confused about something. How can our loved ones who have passed into Spirit be there to greet us on the other side if they have been born again already? Is it possible that I won't see some of my loved ones on the other side because they have already reincarnated? If they haven't been born back into my family, then is it possible to find them somehow? Does this happen naturally? (Do souls that love each other just gravitate back into each other's lives?) The recent movie "Birth" with Nicole Kidman got me thinking about all of this!
Thank you!



I'm glad you asked this question, for I know many people wonder the same thing. Basically, we are split in two. We are spiritual, but when we are here on Earth, we are also human. As I often explain here, when we sleep, our souls leave our bodies. They go to wherever they have to go to heal from today and prepare for tomorrow.

If you put those two ideas together, you'll see how a soul can be somewhere else, even on the Otherside, and at the same time in a body here on Earth. I believe that is how we can see our loved ones on the Otherside when it is our time to go. There are times I get very sleepy and have to take a quick nap for "no apparent reason." I think my soul is required elsewhere during those times.

I also believe that we have a pack of souls we go from life to with. I call this our "soul family." Those people just come to us. Sometimes they are in our family and sometimes they are friends. Not every member of our soul family is here in what we would consider a peaceful capacity. Sometimes we run up on people who become arch enemies, or at least difficult people in our lives.

I believe that these people in our soul family are brought to us by "fate" or "karma" - we don't have to seek them out. When they show up, we instantly know who they are by our reaction to them. They are the people we meet and instantly like and feel a connection to. They are also the people we meet that we instantly dislike and/ or feel a sense of darkness or negativity about.

It is important to realize that not everyone who is a "soul mate" (which is a term that is much overused these days) is someone who is here to bring us love and light and roses. Sometimes we are going to have to face more difficult lessons and interactions via these very powerful relationships.

If you have any questions about who is here for what in your life, feel free to ask in meditation, or you can always ask your spirit guides. If you don't know how to contact your spirit guides, read the other question in this column this week. You could also come to Psychic Chat and get a past life reading from me or one of my colleagues. We would be happy to explore the past life connections between you and other people in your experience.

I wish you a supportive "family."



I believe you are referring to the concept of Ka-Tet (for lack of a better term). Your Ka-Tet is your Karmic Family, and includes scores of individuals you have known in other incarnations. You return to Earth as a group after you've had time for your souls to rest in Heaven for a while. None of us on Earth know how long those Celestial Incarnations last, but I believe they last long enough for the entire Ka-Tet (which sometimes includes hundreds of people) to reach the Celestial Plane, reunite, and get together to plan for the NEXT time you will all incarnate on Earth.

In order to return at all, the Ka-Tet must meet in Soul Life and agree to come back, though not necessarily all together. This all happens as naturally as birth, living, growing old, and releasing one's Spirit back to Heaven.

Thus our loved ones who have Crossed Over before ARE able to meet us when we come to the Celestial Plane, and these souls are not born back into the family during your own lifetime. The people who go before you wait for you on your path, as you wait for those who cross over after you.

The exception to this process is when a baby is lost before he or she is born, and chooses to return to the mother at a later time. If the person is not born alive, the Soul CAN return to the mother as another child, using the same Spirit. This doesn't ALWAYS happen - it's more of an occasional thing - but at times, the Soul that belongs in your Ka-Tet is so drawn to returning that it will take that second opportunity to do so. The sex of the child might be different, but the Spirit will be the same.

Souls who have loved one another DO gravitate back to each other. There is an invisible (to us) thread that connects everyone in a Ka-Tet, and there is a strong pull to reunite with those we loved, no matter how far away we may be born from each other. Nowadays, it's much easier to find one another - I see the Internet making that possible more and more. We live in a very magical time in many ways. Evolution affects EVERYTHING - even Karma!

Be happy and comforted, because you WILL see all your loved ones who have Crossed Over before AND after you when you return to Heaven. Everyone you love and want to see will be there for you, never fear!