Double Vision: Real Estate Help from Beyond


I’ve had my house on the market to sell for three months. During this time, I’ve had quite a few showings and open houses. However, on three separate occasions people have just shown up on their own, wanting to have a look. Each time my doorbell rang beforehand, but no one was physically there. When this happened, I “knew” that an opportunity would be presenting itself, and was forewarned to ready the house to show. The third time was the charm – we just signed a contract! During this same time period, I have also had instances when my smoke alarm went off or lights started flashing, and these were accompanied by a strong sense of spiritual presence. My question to you is who should I thank for all this wonderful help? And for all the other readers out there who are trying to sell a house, is this sort of real estate help something that can be summoned? Thanks!

– Susan


I loved your story – thanks for sharing it!

I believe you can thank God/ the universe/ spirit whatever name you prefer for this help. There are no egos on the other side, so no one in particular needs to be thanked. While spiritual helpers don’t need thanks or acknowledgement, gratitude in general is very powerful, so you should just say a big thank you to the entire universe.

Speaking of gratitude, I never realized its power until I became involved with a “gratitude experiment.” My task in this experiment was to realize on a daily basis everything that I was thankful for.

I started with big things like a roof over my head and food on my table. As I continued with the gratitude awareness, I started to notice little things, like a beautiful bird or a fabulous tree. Then my whole world came alive. I strongly advise you to keep that gratitude flowing in your everyday life.

The being you sensed that caused the smoke alarm to go off was someone who is attached to your house or land. That person once lived there, and she appreciated how you always took such good care of the place. The lady who helped you decided to do so because she was grateful to you.

She manifested in that manner so that you would know she was around helping.  You two co-existed very peacefully together. You always sensed a presence in the house, and it did not scare or bother you. She appreciated your acceptance of her as well.

God has told us via our holy texts that we can command the universe. We have the power to move mountains with a single word. Compared to that, I think that from the perspective of spirit, selling or buying a house looks like a pretty easy thing to manifest.

So if you need help with real estate or any issue in your life, you simply have to speak those words out loud. There is no formal way to do it; ceremony and ritual are not necessary. All you need to do is speak your intention to the universe and ask for help, and then believe it will come. It’s just that simple.

We tend to make this harder than it has to be. The only hard part is making yourself believe that your words can have that much power. We also have to remember that the universe and its helping spirits can’t go to work for us until we ask for help. By asking, we set the wheels in motion, so to speak.

I wish you success with getting the universe to work for you.



Whether you think you could be a psychic or a medium, you’re getting accurate messages from somewhere, so it would be foolish to ignore them. If you sense that something bad may happen to someone, it is your duty to warn them. This can be hard, of course, and it may put people off, but so what? You could be saving lives here!

For instance, I was talking to a friend in California who had a bad car wreck a few months ago, and I “saw” that situation repeating itself. I simply said, “Be careful driving. You know Mercury is retrograde and the nuts are out in the streets.”

Did he have an accident? No, but maybe that’s because he was more careful. Whether or not I prevented that car wreck, I fulfilled my duty in this situation by reporting my perceptions to my friend.

Even when I think I’ll sound crazy, I communicate whatever I’m seeing. I learned this the hard way when I didn’t say something, and then something bad happened. It’s better to seem crazy than to have someone you love get hurt. (Mind you, this is something I reserve for people who know me. I don’t accost strangers on the street and spout off random warnings!)

It’s also important to remember that what you’re seeing may be a metaphor. A “bad wreck” could be someone getting fired from his job. An illness could be some spiritual imbalance. Death sometimes means the end of a relationship. Since we can’t tell the difference for sure, it’s best to just relay what we have been shown.

Whenever a dream leaves you worried, call whoever is involved and share your dream with them. Even if your family and friends think you’re kooky, they will listen to you. Even if only a fraction of such dreams are important warnings, it will be worth communicating them. With this sort of thing, my motto is better safe than sorry!

Sometimes my dreams and visions do not pan out, but I don’t want to take any chances with the people I love. Besides, I’ve been proven right enough times with my friends and family that they don’t poo-poo me, at least not right off the bat.

Sometimes when there is no evidence that I was right, they tease me good-naturedly. Then we can all have a good laugh. I don’t really mind, because I just want to keep everyone alive and healthy, just like you do.

Honor what you see and hear by passing it on to whoever may be involved. You may be very glad you did one day.