Double Vision: Psychic Said She’s Evil


My sister's friend's mom is psychic, and one day she told me that I'm evil. She doesn't know me very well, she didn't elaborate, and she wasn't joking. I have been unable to forget about this experience; it's got me very confused, worried and anxious. Why do you think she said this? Do you ever meet people and just know that they're evil? I don't know how to get past this - I've been riddled with self-doubt ever since I heard those words.



This woman has no business telling anyone that they are evil. That is totally irresponsible on her part.

If someone giving me a reading is going to make an accusation like that, they better elaborate! The fact that she would not give you concrete examples of your evilness shows me that she has no basis for even making a comment like that. Never go back to this woman - do not let her read you or even talk to you about anything spiritual again.

There is nothing evil about you. Granted, you are a human being and you have done some things (like we ALL have) that you are not proud of and wish that you could take back. Welcome to the human race, Sabrina.

While I do meet people that have darkness around them, I have a really hard time calling anyone evil. There are people who commit what society considers evil acts, and there are people who seem to feed on the dark side or the darkness in others, but defining what is evil and what is not is a controversial matter.

I will use the men who bombed the World Trade Center as examples. Please note that I was deeply affected by this tragedy. Despite this, I have to point out that those men truly believed that they were doing the right thing, and that they were going to be rewarded in heaven for their actions.

What they did was horrific. It was a horrible tragedy. Were they evil? I can't say that they were. They truly believed that they were in the right. Obviously, I don't agree with them or their methods, but I have to give them the right to believe what they believe, because I don't want to be persecuted for believing what I believe.

So while I can personally feel that someone's actions are evil, I find it very hard to say that a person is evil.

There are always exceptions to every rule. I think we can all list some people that we feel are evil to the core. You, however, are not an evil being on ANY level.

I wish you peace and full knowledge of how truly wonderful, special and spiritual you are.



There is a beautiful creation myth that explains how the peacock lost favor with God.

Satan had been banned from the Garden, where Adam and Eve were living with God's Love. Though Satan tried and tried to reenter the garden using all sorts of clever disguises, the Archangel Michael (who was on guard at the gate - He's a busy feller) stopped him from entering every time.

Then Satan asked the peacock to let him ride into the Garden between her teeth in order to get past Michael. The peacock reluctantly agreed. When she got to the Gate, Michael asked her to sing her beautiful song for him before she went in. She couldn't sing with the Devil between her teeth, and for punishment, God took away her beautiful voice.

The peacock wasn't evil, but because she was tempted BY Evil, she fell from Grace and suffered the consequences. If it's true that we are made in God's image, then we choose what kind of person we want to be.

No one is born evil, but they can develop evil qualities. In life there are mistakes, and the consequences of those mistakes. Humans are given free will and the power to choose what they will be.

No matter what some stranger tells you, you are in control of the choices you make in your own life. You can try to blame others for those choices, or try to feel that you don't HAVE a choice, but there is always a choice to be made. If you want to be happy, you must try to make wise choices.

I feel from your letter that you are a youngster - at most in your early twenties. Otherwise, you wouldn't let what someone's cousin's sister's mother's ex-lover's dog's half-brother's owner says affect your self-image.

Are you evil? That's ridiculous. Will you be tempted to do evil things throughout your life? Of course you will. All humans are tested in life. Everyone makes mistakes, and mistakes hurt others.

Try to avoid hurting others as you grow and change in your life, for God wants everyone to be happy, and evil destroys happiness.