I’m having a hard time understanding or interpreting the signs I receive from spirit. I’m a psychic reader and do not have any trouble hearing and seeing spirit and receiving messages. However, sometimes, the messages don’t match reality. This has happened before with my clients, but within a couple of weeks, they start to see the truth of my reading.

When I’ve asked for clear answers, I get this knowing feeling of “it will happen” or “it’s happening now.” I will see the same type of car this person drives or his name will pop up several times a day. I’ve even received spam email messages from a company that has his last name. I’ve yet to receive an email or call from him, however, and when I do see him in person, he doesn’t show an interest in me.

Am I misinterpreting all of this synchronicity due to wishful thinking? Is there something spirit is trying to tell me that I just can’t hear? I know when it comes to relationships, some readers can’t read for themselves, but I have always been able to. Why would this be different? I’ve always known when a relationship was going to work or when it wouldn’t – except for this one. What am I missing here? Thank you and many blessings!



I don’t believe that you are misinterpreting the signs. I think you are just failing to account for this man’s free will.

You are also failing to account for the fact that things take time. I often “know” that something is going to happen just as you described. However, I also know that it is going to take quite some time to happen. Just because your clients have things happen in a few weeks doesn’t mean that you will.

An example that pops into my head is a client from Psychic Chat. His woman left him, and I would tell him over and over that they would not only get back together, but also get married in a little chapel, and that they would jump over a broom.

He ended up scoffing at me and leaving me as a client. About two years later, I received an email from Psychic Chat that was a forward from this client. They had gotten back together, taken a trip to Ireland, found a small chapel and gotten married in it. The wife of the preacher who married them insisted that they jump over a broom before leaving the chapel. He sent me a picture of him and his lovely wife in their full wedding regalia.

Things often take time to manifest. You have to take free will and time into consideration.

Also, you have to ask spirit why you are hearing this person’s name and seeing things that remind you of him everywhere. This doesn’t always mean that you are intended for a love relationship with him. Often people come into our lives to teach us a lesson or show us something valuable, and then they are gone forever.

Are you misreading the reason for this man being in your life? Ask spirit.

Sometimes, everything is on track and things seem to be clipping along at a very nice pace, then one of the people in the relationship gets scared for whatever reason, and that person backs away. Sometimes this seems very sudden. You are then left with this incredibly confusing feeling, wondering what just happened.

Your instincts are still on the this-is-going-to-work-out track, but the other person is running in fear. Please do a fresh reality check, and make sure you are not trying to cram a round peg into a square hole.

You really want this man. To that end, you take signs and try to mold them into what you want them to be because you want him so badly. In situations that are easy for you to read, you don’t have much energy or desire invested. In this case, however, you want this to work out so badly that your desire may be skewing your visions.

I wish you clarity.



Reading for oneself is always iffy, especially when it comes to relationships.

Believe it or not, even psychics can have their heads turned by a pretty face. You see this cute guy and say to yourself, “Oh, baby!” and “such a handsome feller could never hurt a girl’s feelings.” Then you make a Texas-sized mistake by thinking, “I’m psychic, I would know.”

No, you would not know. Love is something that defies all reason — even honed psychic skill!

How many hundreds of times have you spoon fed your clients when they fooled themselves into investing their hearts and souls in someone who just didn’t have what they needed? How many times have you tried to gently lead them away from disaster?

We may tell them they can have what they want from the person they’re asking about, but only if certain elements emerge and cause that person to change and become that perfect fit. The client goes away thinking, “Oh, he’s going to be all mine!” They never hear the “if” just as you wouldn’t let yourself hear it.

You’re only human. We all make mistakes. We want someone to be a certain way, so in our minds we make him that way. Then we’re just as surprised as everyone else when he’s not how we pictured.

Free will is a most powerful force, and no matter how much we think a person is right for us, sometimes he’s just not who we perceive him to be. Your tools, your cards, your runes, your chicken bones (whatever you’re using) love you too. They don’t want to disappoint you, so they put out what you wanted.

Yes, this person has potential, but he’s not yet what you need. Your tools gave you clues, but you ignored them and read into them what you wanted to see.

Don’t you often read for people who get the tower in a Tarot spread on a relationship, despite the fact that everything appears just peachy on the surface? We all overlook that tower sometimes because it’s painful to face the truth that, despite how lovely things may seem, danger is lurking.

His name pops up all over the place because you’re looking for it. I tell my clients to pick something at random and look for it. Sure enough, they can find just as many of those too.

If it’s true that every other reading you’ve done for yourself panned out, you’ve been extremely lucky. I learned not to read for myself or my family a long time ago. It upsets me. Unlike you, I see all the negative potential when I’m too invested in the outcome.

Don’t stop trusting your ability — just make sure your readings are free from wishful thinking.