Double Vision: Perplexing, Beautiful Apparition

My question concerns a strange experience I had about six months ago. Since childhood I have had precognitive dreams, some of which have saved the lives of those around me. I have always known things about people that I had no way of knowing, as well as things about my own past and future. Until now, however, I had never experienced a physical apparition. I woke up one night with a feeling that something was there. In my bedroom doorway I saw a floating being. It was black, red and orange with beautiful flowing ribbon robes. It had no face and no appendages. I didn't feel threatened or scared, just perplexed as to why it was there. Not believing my eyes, I looked away and then looked back, and it was still there. I closed my eyes and rubbed them - still there. I continued this for about 30 seconds until finally it was gone. It hovered in that same spot the whole while. At this point I woke up my husband to confirm that I wasn't dreaming. I wasn't in a negative mood, on medication, overly tired or stressed. It hasn't appeared again. I sensed it wanted to communicate with me, and yet it said nothing. What was this?



Being precognitive since childhood will certainly open you to seeing apparitions of all types. You know to trust in what you feel and see, so this sort of thing isn't unusual at all for someone with your ability. Apparitions come to those who are open to them, and from your letter, it seems that you are.

All the Holy Books speak freely of people seeing entities, angels and ghostly beings. Prophetic dreams and signs were common and often employed to provoke changes or get things going. Scriptures in both the Old and New Testament are filled with warnings and messages to ordinary people.

Of course, at the time these things were written, people were more open to the mystical and magical, and seeing things wasn't considered unusual or even very special. Most people at one time or another experience something like you describe, but in our day, many people are afraid to acknowledge it for fear their loved ones will think they're nuts.

Sensitive people see entities such as the one you describe often, but usually when it's time for a change in their lives. Angels and other entities usually come with messages that only the person seeing them can decipher. Perhaps at the time you saw this creature, you were concerned or worried about something in your life that you felt you couldn't control. Problems of any kind seem to draw helpful entities to us when we need them the most.

While what you saw didn't appear particularly angelic, remember that Angels come in many guises. You weren't afraid of it, so it was probably benign. You didn't speak to it, so it felt it was able to communicate to you simply by showing up. It hasn't appeared to you since the time you first saw it, so its job was probably done. Whatever you needed to know and change happened, so the creature's mission was fulfilled.

One time apparitions are hard to draw back to us when we want to see them again, for usually a different entity will come through depending on the message or concern we're facing. Seeing something like that opens up an avenue that many people never consciously experience. Even if you don't see that exact same entity again, be aware that more and different ones will try to come through to you as time goes by.

Since you woke your husband at the time you saw this being, I absolutely believe you were awake, though in that meditative state that is between sleeping and waking. I encourage you to welcome your new ability to see and use it to help yourself and others.



It's apparent that you've known about and embraced your psychic powers over the years. Many people don't realize that these powers grow and expand as we mature, so it's not surprising that you've just discovered a new aspect of your gifts.

This apparition appeared to you because you were ready and open to see it. Though it must have been a bit of a shock, the ghostly figure refused to disappear when you blinked or rubbed your eyes. It was smart to wake your husband up so you could make sure you weren't dreaming.

From your reaction and feeling around this spirit, it doesn't sound like the entity itself was alarming or negative; instead, it was your ability to see it that threw you off center. Based on that, this spirit is most likely one of your guides - a supportive entity or angel that is always near you and chose this time to show itself.

When you encounter a spirit that seems to want to communicate but no words are heard, it can be quite frustrating. More than once I have encountered a spirit visually in my crystal ball. These spirits appear to be speaking - sometimes even shouting - but no sounds, words or messages come through.

Most spirit guides and loved ones on the other side communicate through our minds by forming thoughts that seem to come from nowhere until we learn to attribute them to these entities. This is common during channeling sessions, and most psychics will attest that the information they are receiving is definitely from an outside source. Instead of hearing audible voices, the messages come to them through thoughts or words that seem to just appear in their minds.

To learn more, you can call up and attempt to communicate with this apparition. Prepare by lighting two white candles and a sage stick or incense. If this entity is of a negative nature, it will not come near the sage.

Sit in meditation, asking the spirit to come forth and show itself. Clear your mind as you steady your gaze, and listen closely for messages. Ask who they are and what they want to convey to you, and then sit in the stillness and wait. The answers will come with a little patience, especially since you have already embraced and openly practiced your other extrasensory powers.

Once you have made contact with this entity, don't be surprised if it returns regularly or if other spirits begin to make their presence known. Once they realize you can see and hear them, you may find yourself a very popular channel for them to engage.


Many times in life we hear, "You will always have what you NEED, but not necessarily what you WANT." Your spirit must have needed to experience the feeling of leaving your human body, and the suggestion in the next chapter of Sylvia Brown's book was all it took to get you there.

Even though you hadn't read it yet, your SOUL recognized the title of that chapter as something it had been seeking, and your soul, knowing that you had that reference to read after your experience, got with it and out you went!

While I don't usually recommend her books, Sylvia Brown has a wide reaching and powerful effect on lots of people. A Gemini like you would be able to relate easily to her writing and put it to good use. Synchronicity - you gotta love it!

I like your description of "getting caught." That's exactly what it feels like, isn't it? One minute you're free and hovering above the room, and the next minute, ZAP! back down into your corporeal form you go!

As a little kid, I loved that "feeling of return." With practice, most of the time we can control that event, but sometimes, when our physical ears hear a distracting noise or something else occurs to knock us back into reality, back we go. With practice you will be able to control your return better.

I find it interesting that you were visiting your mother-in-law and not someone in your own genetic family. Evidently, you and your husband got married for reasons that are even deeper than love. His family's interest in "psychic stuff" will nurture your children in such matters and help them to grow into their own abilities.

You'll never have to be concerned that when your daughter visits them, she'll be discouraged from exploring her own psychic life and power. My parents encouraged me to develop my psychic senses in a time when it wasn't nice to even discuss such things in public. Heck, it's STILL not considered a great topic at the dinner table in some families!

Your kids will get to talk about it ALL and ask questions and read and study. This is going to give them such an edge in life! Talk with your husband about how you want to present this to your kiddos, so that you are united in your approach and ready to tell them their experiences are all natural and okay.

A word or two of warning: Geminis often have difficulty staying grounded in REAL LIFE. Don't get so strung out on your ASTRAL life that you neglect what you're doing here on Earth.

You are at the beginning of a long journey to learn where your power really lies. Try to be patient with this process and take your time.