Double Vision: Is there a religion that spirit recommends?


I don’t know if either of you are aligned with any religion in particular, but if you had to pick one, which one would you pick? I know you’ll probably say that there are many paths to God and they’re all beautiful and wonderful in their own way, but surely there are some that are truer and more powerful than others. Is there a religious path that spirit recommends?


I was raised a fundamental Southern Baptist. I was in church every time the doors opened. In my view, there is something wrong with any organization that has a six-year-old child literally terrified all the time.

I was constantly praying for forgiveness just in case Jesus came back. I was afraid to do or say anything because it was a sin and I would burn in hell. I could not dance. I could not wear pants. I could not cut my hair. The list goes on and on and on. As soon as I was old enough to make up my own mind, I broke away from the church and went the complete opposite way. I went buck wild and made some really bad choices, but after years of searching, I found what works for me.

I am not aligned with any organized religion; I follow my own path. I know what is right and what is wrong for me. What works for me is to always tell the truth, to always be helpful to those around me, and to treat people like I would want to be treated. I stand up for myself, and if someone offends me, I call them out on it. If I do something wrong to someone, I apologize as soon as possible. Every morning before I get out of bed, I pray, asking spirit to guide and protect me.

I also create my day. Whatever I want for that day, I say three times over. Only then will I get out of bed. I walk with spirit all day, every day. I pay attention to things around me. If an animal crosses my path, I find out what that animal means to me. I look up all the time at the trees and the sky and the birds.

No one can tell you what religion will work for you. There is also not a religion that spirit says is better than any other. What builds up your soul and power is the one for you. I cannot say that one path is more powerful or true than any other path.

For example, I am sure that some Christians believe I am going to hell because I am a psychic and I do not go to church. However, if you ask a Christian, they feel their path is the one true path that it is blessed by God, and people who follow other paths are going to hell for being unbelievers. There is no one true religion. As my profile says, “Religion is for people who believe in hell. Spirituality is for people who have been there.” Ask spirit to guide you to the path that best works for you. You will find it.

I wish you a fulfilling form of worship that makes you feel whole and one with all that is.



My very best friend is a Christian, and when he says, “The smart money is on Jesus,” I always cringe. How absurd is that statement? What he doesn’t realize is that all gods are one.

You’re right, there are many paths to spirit, and no path is any better or more powerful than another. God loves all of us equally and the same, no matter what name we call God by, or how we choose to celebrate God in our own lives.

While the right church can help you connect to spirit, this is a very personal choice to make. Are you looking for acceptance in a community of your peers, or seeking God? Certainly in the U.S., Christianity is the most popular religion. If it’s acceptance you want and you’re an American, then Christians are your safest bet.

Are you more interested in studying religion than getting actively involved in it? The Jewish faith is very studious, and will connect you to God in that way. If you’re seeking personal peace, you might try exploring Buddhism. If you’re a rebellious sort, check out the pagans who seem to be getting more popular in the U.S. every day. When I was searching, I tried everything that was available to me before I made up my mind.

Organized religions compete like sports teams, and mostly they’re competing for money. That’s why they have such a hard sell. The fundamentalist Christians in the United States are one of the best organized, richest groups in the world. If you’re looking for the power in numbers, they’ve got it at the moment.

However, their converts seem to come from fear of God. True Christians, by contrast, seem to flow with God from love. While Allah is praised by Muslims and Buddha by Buddhists, deep down God is God and the God in you knows very well that all gods are one.

No matter what path you take, religion is a deeply personal experience for those who are truly seeking to know God. It doesn’t matter where or with whom you’re worshiping the deity of your choice – all that matters is that you feel the deity in your spirit and take that out into your world and do good works.

All religions help others and strive to make the world a better place. The answer to your question is to find the spiritual path that speaks to you in a way that moves you to do good for others and to live a life of exceptional love. Letting the God in you out to the rest of the world is difficult enough without trying to find one religion that is better than all the rest.