Double Vision: Is Her Best Friend Making Her Psychic?

Dear Susyn and Oceania:

My best friend is gifted in a psychic way, and sending telepathic messages between us is becoming easier and more frequent. Also, there are times when I am able to send her energy when she needs it, but only when she needs it. Until I met Sandy, I had not experienced anything close to this. Does having someone with her gifts enhance what I always had, or is she just sharing her own gift with me through our close connection? I have had three others with similar gifts come into my life recently, and I am starting to believe that this is not a coincidence. I’m wondering how and why this is happening. Thanks!



We are all blessed with psychic abilities, though we may only discover this truth when we come into contact with someone who is developing similar gifts. It’s the same with all sorts of other talents, of course: until we are exposed to a particular endeavor, we may never know we have a knack for it.

Such is the case with your best friend. I feel that her abilities have simply made you more aware of your own psychic potential. Together, you are encouraging each other to refine and enhance your gifts. Once you open that door, it’s like you’ve opened Pandora’s box: all sorts of interesting things start coming up. The telepathy you practice with Sandy is just the beginning; now that you’re on a roll, you’ll continue to have all sorts of interesting psychic experiences.

When we begin our journey of awakening and start to use our spiritual powers, we naturally attract others on a similar path. This explains why three other people with similar gifts have recently entered your life. The new energy and awareness that you are sending out is like a beacon that has naturally attracted them to you.

This is a very exciting time for you! I encourage you to dive wholeheartedly into the world of metaphysics and explore the endless ways you might use your new gifts. Exploring different methods of divination, including astrology, tarot, energy healing and clairvoyance, will reveal more about your unique strengths and what you might do with them in the future.

You mention that you are able to send energy to your best friend when she needs it, but only when she needs it. This is important because, as your talents grow, you will have to practice setting boundaries not only with the energy you send out to others but also the energy you take in. We can become like psychic sponges that pick up the feelings and thoughts of others, which can be quite overwhelming. You will begin to notice this when you are in crowds of people, so it’s important to surround yourself with spiritual protection. In this way, you will be able to determine when someone needs your help or if you are merely a witness to what they are experiencing.

Now that you know you can peer into the hearts and minds of others, you may be tempted to engage in some psychic snooping. Don’t do it! It is vital that you always use your gifts with the utmost integrity. If you keep this in mind, your powers will increase; if you abuse them, the consequences can be dire.

If you have not already done so, you might develop a regular practice of meditation to stay in tune with Spirit, strengthen the psychic protection around you, and advance your gifts.


The Law of Attraction is at work here: where attention goes, energy flows! Sandy awakened your interest in the topic of psychic abilities and began stirring your own psychic potential. As you began to notice, think about and utilize your newfound intuition, you likely attracted more friends with these gifts, as you will continue to do as long as you are exploring this aspect of yourself.

You may have heard the fable about an old man telling his grandson there are battling wolves inside our minds, one representing fear and the other courage. The boy asks, “Which wolf wins?” to which the old man replies, “The one you feed.”

It reminds me of this spoof on a zoo sign: Do Not Feed the Fears! As physical exercise strengthens our muscles, conscious thought strengthens the neural pathways in our minds. Any new behavior requires conscious effort before becoming a personal habit or skill. (Remember learning how to drive?) The more you pay attention to your psychic impressions, the stronger your gifts will become.

While psychic abilities are not given to us by others, a friend can serve as a catalyst that activates our own innate potential. For example, we may not realize we enjoy tennis until a friend introduces us to the sport and plays with us regularly. We may not know we can sing in harmony until a friend shows us how, or realize we love hiking until a pal instigates some outings and shows us the local trails.

I never would’ve guessed I’d become obsessed with vegan cooking until a neighbor dragged me to the local farmer’s market and then demonstrated some healthy, creative food preparation techniques. Now I’m a junkie for organic, sustainable produce. (I’m crunching on pea sprouts and broiling eggplants as we speak.) When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. You were ripe and ready to explore your intuitive potential, and in your case, several teachers appeared!

Now that your psychic potential has been activated, you can continue studying on your own. I recommend you choose a tarot deck of your liking, preferably one with rich, symbolic imagery like Voyager, and spend a full day with each card. Set it near you while you sleep, meditate upon it during the day, and then say aloud or write down your associations with the card.

The point is not to memorize the traditional meaning of the card but rather to notice what it triggers in you. Whatever you perceive and interpret will be a reflection of your own truth. This exercise will help you further trust in the constant flow of non-verbal, non-rational information and wisdom that is ever available to us all.

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