Double Vision: Is Everyone Psychic?

Kajama Psychics

Do you believe that everyone is psychic, or at least has the potential to be? If so, is there any reason someone should not pursue the development of their abilities, or any preparation one should undertake before doing so? I've been interested in this subject for a long time, and am thinking about developing my own psychic potential, but am a little nervous of getting in over my head and not knowing what to do. Thanks!



Everyone has psychic abilities or at least the potential to develop them. Some people ignore or explain away their abilities for the exact reason you cite: They have no one to advise them in this arena, and they feel nervous exploring this realm alone. Many people's psychic gifts show up at an early age. How the people around them react to this often dictates whether they embrace their gifts or try to repress them. If they end up repressing or ignoring them, their abilities may reemerge later in their adult lives.

Luckily, these days learning to nurture and promote your psychic abilities is much easier than it used to be. There are endless websites, internet forums and local communities through which you can get guidance as you explore the world of metaphysics.

I recommend you make a list of different methods available for people who want to explore and expand their psychic gifts. Pay attention to which ones you feel drawn to. This will give you clues as to which avenue of psychic development you'd like to pursue. For example, you may be drawn to tarot, but shy away from channeling. You may have had experience with intuitively knowing what is going to happen next, but not much luck trying to interpret dreams. Once you zero in on your personal skills and interests, you can narrow down the field of study you should concentrate on first.

Although you can work to develop your talents on your own, I don't recommend it, for it will limit your growth and can also lead you down some unsettling paths. When we open up our psychic abilities, we also naturally open up to the spirit world. If we're lacking in knowledge and preparation for this sort of interaction, we're inviting trouble.

As you begin to explore your psychic gifts, the first and most important thing you must learn is how to protect yourself. Most psychics begin by surrounding themselves with a bubble of white light to raise their vibration and energetically align with only the highest and best experiences. One common mistake people make when first starting out is assuming that all psychic information comes from themselves. It takes knowledge and training to tap into a specific source of psychic information.

There are many good books on the subject, but it would be much better for you to find a mentor or group of spiritual seekers who can walk with you through this process. They will be able to share their own personal stories and validate what you are experiencing. Like any area of study, the more you learn, the more you will be able to develop and effectively use your psychic gifts. Good luck to you!



No two people are exactly alike, not even identical twins. When it comes to abilities of any kind, each of us embodies a unique combination of strengths and weaknesses. Being psychic falls on a spectrum, just like being creative or athletic: some people demonstrate the ability early in life, others develop it over time with training and practice, while still others struggle or take no interest.

To be psychic is to have keen intuition, which is a combination of awareness, sensitivity, empathy, receptivity to input from the the unconscious and Spirit, and seeing from a holistic perspective. You can begin to exercise your intuition in small, simple ways. When the phone rings, guess who it might be. Before glancing at a clock, guess the time. Before someone speaks, guess what they might say. The idea is not to think, but to merely notice what enters your awareness.

You might choose a tarot deck you feel drawn to and gaze at the imagery on the cards. Notice how each card makes you feel and what message it conveys to you. I recommend you also work with the great spiritual tools in Kajama's Spiritual Toolbox, for the better you get at entering and working with this level of awareness, the more you will be able to consciously access intuitive guidance.

You mentioned that you're afraid of getting in over your head and not knowing what to do. It's true that developing your psychic abilities can lead to some rather unusual moral dilemmas. For example, aspiring psychics sometimes ask whether they should share unsolicited advice with others. If your aim is to be of service, then you should focus on attraction, not promotion: if someone sees you as a role model of how to live a wonderful life, they will proactively seek your input and advice.

You might be similarly worried about getting in too deep if you were developing scientific, business or political power to the point where you could help or do harm to others with it. You can relax and feel confident about moving forward if you commit to using your abilities within the context of your own spiritual values, assuming that you desire whatever is for the common good.

I believe psychic abilities are enhanced when we live by the principle of ahimsa, which is Sanskrit for do no harm. This means avoiding violence in thought, word and deed. Do your best not to impose suffering on your fellow earthlings. To participate in harm, even indirect harm, requires denial and turning off your empathy. I believe your studies will be enhanced if you consider them a sacred journey, and practice ahimsa as your guiding principle.