Double Vision: Input Breaks Through Psychic Barriers


I'm a professional psychic, and I am always trying to further develop my gifts. What I'm wondering is why I tend to become a thirsty psychic sponge when I least expect it. For example, when I go to my day job and I don't want to be in psychic mode, I seem to pick up things about my coworkers whether I like it or not. This happens even though I surround myself with a psychic filter or barrier, as I've been taught to do. For example, lately I pick up that a platonic male friend of mine clearly has more than just friendship on his mind. It has been overwhelming to pick up on his desires for me in the middle of the day while I'm at work. He is well aware of my abilities, and for that reason he has taken to avoiding me completely. I would never risk our friendship by telling him that I know about his fantasies about me, though I wish he would confess and tell me about his feelings. How do I shut myself off from this sort of input even after I've closed myself off from psychic impressions in general?

 - Deborah


I'm glad you mentioned this barrier we psychics throw up when we're going about our day-to-day lives. I can just see it in people's faces when they find out what I do; it's that old, "Are you reading me now?" look. I want to put everyone's minds at ease: If you are socializing with a psychic, you are not in danger of being read!

There are, of course, messages or energy we receive that we can't control. If someone is dangerous, or if I need to be warned or alerted to something, that information will come through. Most psychics can tell when someone is lying. (I still chuckle that people even try to lie to me.)

We may be able to shut off the part of us that "reads" people when we are living our day-to-day life, but we can never shut down the part of us that receives, transmits, and responds to the energy that is all around us.

Every living thing gives off energy. When we walk past a tree, we feel the energy coming from that tree. When we walk into a room, we feel the energy of the person.

You are feeling this man's energy, and you have not yet found a way to shut it down. You have that whole "love thing" going on with him; love is the strongest energy and the strongest emotion. Love energy will affect every single person it comes into contact with.

So to answer your question, there is no way to shut down this type of psychic input. Very strong emotional energy from other people is not the sort of thing we can totally block out. The more enlightened and aware we become, the more energy we will feel.

I don't recommend you tell this man that you know how he feels and the fantasies he has about you, for I think that could be taken as a huge invasion of privacy. (It may also totally freak him out; I know it would be really freaky to me.)

If you like him too, you can just ask him to do something with you, or you can stand back and let him come to you when he's ready. You cannot, however, use your psychic gifts to help you covertly get closer to him, or the karma police will be kicking down your door.

If you don't share his interest, you can ask your guides, angels, and other beings, including God and the universe, to help you turn off as much of his energy as possible. You should ask for this help out loud, in a very simple way. For example, you might say:

"God, this energy is very uncomfortable for me. Please take away as much of it as possible so I don't have to suffer in this situation. Thank you."

I wish you peace with all your psychic perceptions.



I'm a professional psychic too, but I never, ever read for myself! I don't trust my vision when it comes to my own issues or the problems my family members may be facing. I don't like to read for my close friends, either. I've never asked a romantic question for myself ñ I'd be too scared what the answer might be!

Even with these rules I've made for myself, sometimes things come to me that I would rather not see. Since I work alone, this happens most often when I'm at the grocery store, where I see into the lives of strangers even though I don't want to.

There is nothing you can do about those random people whose pain is so deep that it's going to come through to you no matter how hard you block it or how many psychic barriers you erect. People in pain have strong emotions, and if you're sensitive like you say you are, you'll pick up on them every time. The hardest part is to refrain from telling people if you have solutions to their problems!

When the person is someone you know well who is feeling love for you, it's another matter entirely. Your platonic friend does have feelings for you, and yes, he's avoiding you because he doesn't know where you stand. The feeling that something is breaking through your psychic barriers indicates that you need to clear the air with him.

If you've been reading for other people for any length of time, then you know how important it is to keep a professional distance and not get involved with those folks. If this man's feelings are imposing on you this way, then there is either something he wants from you, or something you want from him that you are projecting onto him. It could be that both of you are feeling something for the other, but you're afraid to speak up about it.

Since he knows about your abilities, confronting him won't take him by surprise. He knows you know and he's been expecting you to say something. My feeling is that one or both of you is married, and that's why you don't feel you should speak to him about this. (Another reason he's been avoiding you is because he doesn't want trouble.)

If you value his friendship, then you have to talk to him about all of this, whether anything can come of it or not. Remember, sometimes love happens when and where we least expect it. You may have some difficult decisions to make, but that's life. Discuss this together and work it out!

As far as shutting out undesired psychic input, I'm not sure that's always possible; sometimes you need to face some things you'd rather not know.