Double Vision: I'm in love with a friend. Should I tell him?


Last year I had a roommate and we became very close. Basically, we clicked almost immediately; there was a definite psychic connection between us. Somewhere along the line, my feelings for him became something more. Living with him really taught me a lot about myself, but I told myself all along that I loved him like a pesky but lovable kid brother. He moved out in September due to new employment, and I literally cried my eyes and heart out. It’s like there’s this big hole in my soul. I do still hear from him, and my feelings vacillate between joy and pain, because I realized that I’m in love with him. A psychic friend of mine said I connected with him the way I did because he’s from my soul family.

While I hinted to him about my feelings, I never came right out and told him for fear of rejection. (I’ve never had much luck with love relationships in the past.) Also, I’m 11 years older than he is, and I tell myself that I should know better. Should I tell him how I feel about him? Should we always tell others if we’re in love with them? Is there a chance of this working? Heaven knows, no one ever has really touched me emotionally like this in over 20 years. The last time that happened, it turned into a disaster. His birth date: 7/23/68. My birth date: 4/5/57.

Gold Bless and thank you. Please let know soon.



I sure am glad someone asked this question in this forum, Terrie. Should we always tell people how we feel about them? Absolutely not.

For me to say that may surprise some of you; regular clients know I am always stressing the importance of open and honest communication. In a case like this, however, I am not sure that open communication is the best thing because you must consider his feelings and comfort level during and after the communication.

You two lived together for a while. I say this over and over again, because it’s true: Men are hunters. Hear me, ladies? Men are hunters. That is what they do. It is inbred in them from the beginning of time. If a man is interested in you romantically, sexually or any other way, you will know it. Men hunt. When a man sees a woman he wants, he goes after her. Now granted, not all men are directly expressive or aggressive, but they still hunt in their own quiet way. The fact that this man never hunted you in a romantic way reveals his true feelings.

I frequently use my own life as an example quite frequently, and here I go again. I have an old boyfriend who broke up with me and broke my heart. I know that we are soul partners. I realized, however, that we are not meant to be together romantically. As a result of that, I know that I can love him and call on him without wishing for more. I think you need to look at your relationship with this man and realize that for the rest of your life, he will be there. That is very important. He is most assuredly a member of your soul family.

I agree with your friend. You can love him with all your heart, but you have to realize that it will not be a romantic thing. You are very fortunate to have as much of him as you do. It is a very important and powerful friendship. If you ask me, this relationship is working, just not on a romantic level.

Terrie, please re-read your question and look at how you think/ feel about love in your life. You do not allow it in. You hold it off from yourself by saying things like, “Love never works for me.” You also choose (subconsciously, I think) people you know are romantically unavailable to fulfill your own prophecy. If you would readjust your attitude, you could have plenty of men pounding down your door. You are quite a catch. If you need further insight, please come see one of the insightful psychics at Psychic Chat. They can help you resolve the issues that are keeping you from true love!

I wish you completeness.



Aries usually doesn’t fear rejection enough to not say “I love you” to someone. If it’s the age difference that’s bothering you, I say, Pshaw, silly girl! Let’s deal with that right out of the chute.

Eleven years is nothing. All that means is that when you were eighteen, he wasn’t old enough to be with you. Now that this person who is from your Ka-Tet/Soul Family is old enough to be with you, who are you to say nay? Say yay! Get over that number (which is all age is, anyway) – it’s just an excuse. I so hate excuses that people throw around, especially that age thing. Friday (my husband) is 15 years younger than I am, and it makes him feel relaxed! Your Leo couldn’t care less how old you are, Darlin! He loves you for you!

Oh, did I mention that he is as lonely and scared and miserable as you are? The two of you are good for each other. You already know there won’t be a problem living with him, which is just about the only thing that comes between fire signs whether or not they can get along.

You already know that you’re attracted to him, and you know that he is attracted to you. Also, he loves your mind, and he’s never going to find another woman who will spoil him rotten. Yes, I can tell you did your best.  Now it’s time for you to do better!

Call him. Make a time to talk, and tell him. He needs to hear how you feel so that he can tell you how he feels. Yes, I know that you would rather he did the calling. You would rather the Leo be the Lion here and take the lead, but that’s not going to happen, so you must. Both of you would be so much better off together. This being away from each other makes both of you feel like you’re sleep-walking through life. Every day (and night) that you’re apart is like a link in a chain that will not bind you together. Spend some quality time with him working out the details. and finding out from each other when each one of you figured out that you should be together.

Aries can take a hint. Leos, however, have to listen to the words each and every time. They are naturally skeptical of hints and read too much into people, winding up hurt. That’s why the straightforward approach with him is the only way this can work out between you.

I sense a wonderful relationship here. Don’t let it slip away by being afraid. Be your true fearless Aries self and everything will be wonderful!