Double Vision: Headaches During Psychic Readings


I've had a number of psychic readings over the past couple of years, and I've started to notice a trend: Whenever I'm getting a reading, I will get a very bad headache, but it will disappear right after the session ends. It's made me realize that I often get mild headaches that come and go suddenly, and they are often accompanied by a vague sense that someone somewhere is thinking about me. Is this normal? What do you think is happening?

- Emily


Our bodies get used to a certain vibrational level. For example, if we live by the beach, we get used to living at sea level. If we were to travel to a high altitude, we would absolutely feel the effects of that altitude on our bodies. Of course, people who live at that high altitude feel just fine, for it is normal to them.

This same basic concept also applies to spiritual energy. If we are around someone new, our stomach sometimes gets butterflies or we get sweaty palms or have some other physical reaction to that new person's energy. In fact, our physical bodies are constantly reacting to non-physical stimuli. When you are getting a reading and you get a headache, your body is reacting to the spiritual energy surrounding you and the reader.

You see, when you are getting a reading, your vibration rises dramatically. I think that stands to reason. Your body is not used to those higher levels of spiritual energy, and your head aches as a result.

Have you ever seen one of those thermal scanner devices on television? When they come across a body or some other form of heat energy, the scanner will change colors and form the shape of the body or energy and show it on the screen. That thermal scanner is reacting to the energy around it.

That is a good image for you to hold onto when it comes to your headaches. Your body is just reacting to the new energies or vibrational levels of the reading experience. You WILL get used to it. Once your body adjusts to the new vibration, the headaches will stop.

When you get headaches when you are NOT getting a reading, the same basic process is occurring but on another level. You could have spiritual beings around you, or you could have an energy connection going on with another being. When we think of someone, our energy leaves our body and goes to that person. Their energy feels our energy and transmits a signal to the brain that makes them think of us. When they think of us, they send us energy and we think of them again in turn. As this energy travels back and forth, it creates something of a loop.

You don't know all this is happening beneath the surface of your awareness; you just know that so and so just popped into your head. The rest of you, however, is making adjustments to the energies around you at all times. So, if you are getting these headaches, you can bet it is a reaction to the energy of the person who is thinking about you.

I wish you smooth adjustments to energetic changes.



I have migraines and I hate them! Mine are all hormones, all the time. Fortunately, they don't seem to be related my work doing readings. I know readers that get them with certain clients, and that must be a real drag.

Oddly, when I have a headache I seem a lot more psychic to myself than when I don't. I think that particular pain has something to do with our receptors, and when we have a headache, we might notice things we would normally miss. I've learned to use my headaches as tools in my work, but that doesn't mean they're any more fun.

Pain is a warning that the body gives us that something is wrong. A headache is very hard to ignore. Since your headaches happen when you're getting readings, I'm sure that the type of headache you get during readings is a specific kind. It's different from a sinus headache or a tension headache, and it stops when the reading stops.

Nothing is wrong with you, but if you're psychic on your own, that pain might be the Universe telling you to listen to yourself instead of what any reader can tell you. Sometimes a headache will come on during readings when we're supposed to manifest the choices that we want to make in life without another person's assistance. Even asking for reassurance could start the throb.

It's also possible, however, that you are trying to cloak yourself from the reader, either intentionally or by accident. When a person doesn't feel open to a reading, sometimes she will try hiding facts from the reader. While she might want an answer to the question she is asking the psychic, she doesn't want the psychic to know certain other things about her past actions or personality.

Sometimes we do this as a reaction to a specific reader, or we do it subconsciously because there are secrets we want to keep. The body manifests that repression of who we are as aches and pains. Your head hurts because your brain is hiding!

These seem to be the two basic reasons that people get headaches during psychic readings. The first is that you are psychic on your own, and so your subconscious is rejecting someone else reading for you. The second is that you're trying to prevent the psychic from reading too much.

Of course, if the psychic is a phony, your own subconscious, inner knowing may try to alert you to stop the reading. Until you start with a reader, there is no way to know which one of these things is occurring.

Try doing your own readings from now on, and see if that gives you some relief.