Double Vision: Dreams of Flying

Dear Double Vision:

Since I was a child, I have loved to dream, because in my dreams, I could fly, and it was very real and vivid! As I got older, these dreams sadly became fewer and farther between. I’m now 37, and for the past four nights, I’ve been having the same dreams again but with a twist. I fly for a while, and then I feel hands on my shoulders, pushing me back down to earth! I look up, and there is a lovely lady with long hair smiling at me. I don’t feel scared, but I want to go back up, and she won’t let me – she keeps pushing me down. Why won’t she let me up? I have never seen her before. What do you make of all of this?

– Darrell


Darrell, what a clear-cut example of astral travel you have here! You also have a whole lot of lucid dreaming going on. Lucid dreaming is dreaming while fully aware that you are dreaming. Astral travel is traveling out of the body, either while asleep or while awake. You can learn to perfect either one of these methods. There are many books written on these subjects. Astral travel is a natural phenomenon: while we sleep, our souls leave our bodies to heal from today and prepare for tomorrow.

When we are children, we are not encumbered with grownup mentalities. We can fly free and play make-believe and tell wild tales and just be kids. When we grow up, we are expected to act more mature. Children experience both astral travel and lucid dreaming quite frequently because of their innocence and openness. As you grew, you shut it down and became more logical. You have already figured out that there is a reason for this phenomenon to be happening now.

First we have to deal with the lady. She’s a spirit guide and a teaching guide. She governs your sleep time. When you are going into an area where you should not be going, so to speak, she is there to push you back onto the proper path. Apparently, you are easily swayed and distracted when you are astral traveling. You would run wild instead of dealing with the issues at hand if you were not monitored. Basically, that is her job.

She is also there to tell you when your time is up and it’s time to go back to your body, as you have already learned. You woke up a few times as she was doing just that. The only time you will see her is if you happen to wake up during a dream again and she chooses to show herself to you.

The only question left here is why you are doing all this at this stage of your life. You have been going through some extremely trying times lately, Darrell. People you never thought would turn on you have stabbed you in the back. You are taking control back, but you have to work very hard on all four levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) to make that happen. This woman is helping you work through the lessons attached to these very challenging times.

Things are going to bust wide open for you, Darrell, and you are going to be very happy with all the changes. Every area of your life will improve. Know that you will be rewarded in the long run for all the hard work you are doing now. I wish you many enjoyable flights!


Dreams of flying are dreams of an Old Soul. You flew before in another incarnation a long time ago, so it’s a memory you carry in your DNA. All of us who flew before dream of being able to do it again. One of my friends says that he’ll be able to fly again here on Earth someday. It’s all he dreams of at night. He says when he was a kid, he dreamed about it all the time too, but now, those dreams are fewer and farther apart.

This happens because when we’re small fries, we have more past life recollections than we do as we get older, when our brains and psyches are cluttered up with all the things that we have to do just to live in the world and survive. The older we get, the more distance grows between us and our Before Times. Ask a five-year-old sometime what he or she remembers about before they got here. You’ll get an earful!

The lady in your dream pulling you down to Earth is one of your guides who has been with you through many other incarnations. The reason she is trying to get you to stop flying is because there is something going on in your life NOW that you need to come back down to Earth to address.

If you have a house or a business for sale right now, that could be it. If you’re having issues in your personal relationships, it could be that, too. If you’re having money issues, that’s another thing that would require you to come back down to Earth and quit flying around all night, having so much fun! The best way to find out just exactly why she’s doing this in your happy flying dreams is to ask her the next time you see her. She wants you to ask! She will happily explain the situation in your life that you’re not paying enough attention to.

Before you go to bed at night, take your shoes and put them under your bed, toes toward the foot of the bed. That will ensure that you’ll dream of flying that night. When she comes to get you to come back down to Earth, put your hands on hers, while they’re on your shoulders, and simply ask her why you have to stop flying right now. She’ll answer you, but it might not be in words. Keep paper and a pen handy to write down her answer when you wake up. Write your message down right away. Three nights in a row should clarify whatever it is she wants you to stop avoiding.

Flying is fun. I miss it. I know you do, too. Maybe someday we’ll all be able to do that again here instead of having to wait to do it together again in the spirit world.

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