Double Vision: Chakra Connection with Lost Pet?


I had a strange experience recently and I hope you can help me with it. My dog has been lost, and I have been praying a lot for her return. A few days ago, I had what I believe was some sort of spontaneous chakra experience. I suddenly felt and SAW a tremendous rushing green energy pouring out of my chest to my dog, and then more energy rushing from her to me. It was very overwhelming – I was laughing and crying at the same time! This continued for about an hour, when I couldn’t maintain it any longer. It was exhilarating but exhausting. I’ve never had anything like this happen before. Unfortunately, my dog still isn’t home. Do you have any idea why I had this experience, what caused it, or what it means? Is there any way I can use this experience or energy to find my dog or urge her to come home? Thanks for any help you can offer!

– Carlotta


I am so thankful that you shared this incredible experience with us. Everyone knows how I feel about animals and their special relationships with humankind. They can be incredible teachers for us, as you can see from how your dog is teaching so many people about the passing of energy between two living beings right here in this column.

You didn’t tell us which part of your chest this light and energy came from. There are two chakras in your chest area: one is the solar plexus chakra, which is located where your ribs come together. This is the chakra that governs our own personal energy.

For example, we use the expression “butterflies in my stomach” when we are feeling nervous. We also process energy from other living things via the solar plexus. It is like our “filter” to the outside world. Sometimes we hold our stomachs and say, “Something is not right. I can just feel it.”

The other chakra in the chest area is the heart chakra, which is located between your breasts. I imagine this energy came from your heart, for green is the color associated with this chakra. As befits the heart, this chakra governs love and everything related to love. I believe the love you feel for your dog and the love your dog feels for you was flowing through this chakra.

I feel very strongly that the green light was pure LOVE energy. Your dog needed your love. Animals don’t have human logic to prevent them from having deep spiritual experiences.

Dogs know when it is going to storm, when someone is not a good person, etc. They work strictly on instinct. Humans have the ability to pass this type of energy back and forth to living things.

Dr. Paul Pearsall is a published author and speaker who was on the staff of a major hospital here in the United States. He was once diagnosed with incurable brain cancer and told he had about two weeks to live, but despite this, he was healed.

He attributes his healing to the love energy sent to him by his family and the staff of the hospital that he helped run before he became a patient. A nurse even walked in his room and saw arcs of blue light coming out of his family and going into him, just like you describe the green light between you and your dog.

There is nothing you can do to help your dog come home faster. The green light was her saying she was fine. She was trying to help heal YOUR sadness. All you can do is ask the Universe to provide for her and keep her safe from harm.

I know you are sad, but you can trust that your dog is being provided for wherever she may be.

I wish you many more amazing energy exchanges with creatures of all kinds!



We have an old stray cat that comes to eat with us, and when two days go by and I haven’t seen him, I worry that something has happened to him. We can’t bring him inside because he would hate it in the house, so I have to trust the Universe to take care of him while he’s off “catting around.”

Satin, Father of Many and Owned by None, is on his own when he’s not here chowing down. After three years of feeding him, he’ll let me pet him occasionally. His Spirit is Free. Since he isn’t mine, I try to release his Fate to the Universe, but when you’ve lived with and loved someone for years, it’s hard not to worry about them when they’re gone.

There is nothing in the world as emotionally draining as losing someone you care for and not knowing what happened! That worry and anxiety about how they’re doing is horrible.

Your experience with your doggy is wonderful and magnificent. Some connections with animal friends can feel much more powerful than human relationships. The difference, of course, is our ability to communicate telepathically.

I’m so sorry to tell you this, but I feel your dog isn’t coming home to you again. She’s in Heaven with all the other animals you’ve loved and lost in your life. You’ll see her again when you get there. Please know that she didn’t leave you on purpose, but that it was her time to go. She didn’t want you to know she would die, so she didn’t do it in front of you. In her own way, she was trying to spare you that.

When she died, her little soul passed through you, and the green healing light that she sent to you was her best way of saying goodbye to you. In those moments you shared your whole Beings with one another, and then she was gone. Since she was a dog, this was her best way to let you know that no matter how sad both of you are at this parting, she is fine and happy and all right in Heaven, where she waits for you.

I don’t believe that her spirit will return to you in another body in this lifetime. What the two of you shared was way too special for that. Hold tight to her Being in your heart, in your dreams, and in your memories.

One wonderful thing about being in Heaven is that we don’t feel longing because we miss someone who was close to us here. One awful thing about being here on Earth is that we do miss those we have loved who have crossed over before us.

Your pup overcame countless obstacles to share her ascension into Heaven with you, in order to soften the pain of your loss. Be brave here until you see her again, and most importantly, love others as you’ve loved her. It’s the hardest and the easiest thing you’ll ever do.