Today’s Inspirational Quote


“Trying to make someone happy who prefers the drama of being miserable, is a guaranteed way to create your own drama of misery.”

Some people are just going to be miserable and view the world and everybody in it as conspirators’ in a plot to make their existence unbearable. It won’t matter how much you do, or put yourself out for them, or even just offering a sympathetic ear, whatever. They have no intention of budging from the misery pit they have created and dug themselves into. Trust me, there is no point in trying to pry them loose or throwing them a lifeline, they’ll resist the former and ignore the latter. You’ll only be wasting your precious time and energy so why bother? They will end up dragging you into the pit with them and perhaps get some measure of happiness because then they’ll know you’re miserable too. Learn when to walk away and leave them to it. You know it’s for the best.

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