Today’s Inspirational Quote


“The greatest prison that people live in is the fear of what other people think.”

Not caring what everybody else thinks about us is not an easy achievement. In fact, we go through life adhering to rules and regulations (well most of us) so we let the world know we are complying and conforming and being “good”. However, regarding our family, friends, work colleagues, etc., we can be guilty of conforming to their ideas of how we should behave and think. So much so that we stifle the very things that make us who we are therefore denying ourselves the opportunity of thinking and behaving “outside the box”. Why should we care what other people think of us? Would it really affect us that much? Would stifling our creativity and individuality add anything to their lives? Of course not! Always, always, be true to yourself on your life path and take pleasure in being who you are not other peoples’ idea of who you should be.

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