Today’s Inspirational Quote

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“Don’t do something permanently stupid because you are temporarily upset.”

I can so relate to this and I expect many of you can too. It is so easy and tempting to strike back in retaliation when we feel we've been attacked. In these days of the internet and global messaging the temptation to put fingers to keyboard, press a button and, hey presto, it’s out there for not just our “antagonist” but the whole world to see. Unfortunately, it’s out there forever and can’t be taken back when we’ve had time to cool down and perhaps realise that, you know what, it wasn’t said or meant in the way we initially thought. However, by then, it can be too late and we may not have just lost the friendship of one person but caused everybody else to look at us in a different, even not very favourable, way. Not easy I know, but in situations like this, take a deep breath, walk away, have a cuppa, go for a walk, anything to give you time and space to look at what’s happened more rationally and calmly. Chances are, you won’t even bother responding………

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