Today’s Inspirational Quote


“Magic is essentially the higher understanding of nature.”

I believe we are all born with magic within us and therefore capable of manifesting and weaving our own “spells” using our intent, and this is where nature comes in. How can we not believe in magic when we behold the miracles of nature all around us every day? There is nothing quite like walking through a forest, sunlight streaming down through the trees, or rain making music as it kisses the leaves and ground as it falls, or crisp crunchy footfalls on a frosty day. Perhaps catching a fleeting glimpse of a beautiful forest creature or bird wary of the stranger in their midst. This is when my own belief in magic is paramount, that something so wonderful, so spiritually inspiring, and with no man’s hand in it’s conception, exists for all of us to appreciate and enjoy. It inspires me to feel that I too have the ability to create and weave my own magic.

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